Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th October 2023 Written Update Kunal rescues Tara

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th October 2023 Written Update Kunal rescues Tara

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th October 2023 Written Update Kunal rescues Tara. Kunal and Vandana visit Sonia to discuss the care of Tara. Kunal expresses that he is unable to take on the responsibility of raising Tara, and Sonia asks why she is being returned. Kunal clarifies that it is not his duty to look after Tara. Just then, Indranil arrives and an argument ensues between him and Kunal. However, Vandana urges them both to remain quiet as Tara is present. She reminds them that it is not appropriate to create chaos in front of a child. Although they stop momentarily, their quarrel reignites soon after. Sonia suggests a DNA test if Kunal doubts that he is the father of Tara, but he refuses. Since Sonia has been caring for Tara for several years now, she does not want any more responsibility for her.

She warns Kunal that she will prevent him from seeing Tara if she has to take custody of her. In response, Kunal promises that he will not develop any attachment to Tara. Indranil mocks him for once again avoiding responsibility. Sonia reassures Indranil not to stress about the situation, but he insists that she relieve herself of the burden of caring for Tara. Sonia is unsure of what course of action to take. Indranil proposes that they send Tara to a hostel in order to have a more tranquil life. Meanwhile, Vandana attempts to convey the significance of having a child in their lives, though Kunal disregards her words.


Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th October 2023 Written Update Kunal rescues Tara:

As Shivam asks for a board to draw Ravan’s face, Mrunal momentarily releases her grip on Vaibhav’s hand to hand one over. Once she returns to holding hands with Vaibhav, Vandana arrives and they exchange greetings. As Vandana also says hello to Shivam, Mrunal makes a face and notices some new property brochures near a sweet box. Upon closer inspection, Vandana sees them as well, while Vaibhav embraces Mrunal and asks if she’s okay after work. She confirms that it’s the first time he’s hugged her since their marriage.

Anagha notices Vandana approaching the brochures, so she quickly rushes over and embraces her. In a subtle gesture, Anagha signals Hemant to take away the brochures. As they part from the hug, Vandana inquires about the brochures, but Anagha distracts her by giving sweets, claiming she got them from work. At that moment, Hemant enters, which brings a smile to Vandana’s face. She then decides to go see Vijay and Atya while Vaibhav reminds her to hurry since he needs to buy a saree for her, much to Mrunal’s annoyance. As Vandana enters Vijay and Atya’s room, she is unaware that Vijay has quickly wiped away his tears and put on a cheerful expression.

She expresses her joy and begins to tell them about Vaibhav’s newfound realization, until her eyes fall upon some luggage bags. Curious, she inquires about them, prompting Vijay and Atya to fabricate a story about the bags being filled with yearly donations for the orphanage. But Vandana can see through their falsehood and encourages them to come clean, while Vijay gazes at her with uncertainty. Vedika reprimands Kunal for his impoliteness towards Tara, while Pammy tries to quiet her. However, she reminds Pammy that as Kunal’s older sister, it is her responsibility to guide him.

This leaves Pammy sitting down in frustration. Directing her attention towards Kunal, Vedika implores him to keep his emotions in check before they escalate. Guneet also encourages Kunal to consider a DNA test to determine if Tara is truly his daughter. Bobby, Pammy, and Vedika all echo this suggestion as Kunal walks away. Vedika silently prays for everything to work out. Vandana updates the family on her recent discovery, causing everyone to feel tense. Following this, Vijay reveals that he informed Vandana of his plan to visit their village home, bringing a sense of relief to all. Meanwhile, Savita’s message arrives, informing Vandana that she shops without any reservations.

Later in the evening, Vandana gazes at her red-bordered white saree and decides to enhance her appearance when Vaibhav surprises her with a warm embrace from behind. When Vandana asks if he’s ever held someone who isn’t shy, Vaibhav comments on her shyness. This makes him worry, but she reassures him by saying she was joking. Excitedly, Vandana hugs him as they talk about playing with vermillion at the sindur khela ceremony. However, in the back of his mind, Vaibhav is thinking about celebrating his recent monetary achievement while Vandana colors herself with vermillion. Amidst all this, Mrunal sends a kiss emoji and Vaibhav reciprocates before gently pulling away from Vandana to freshen up. As he walks away, Vandana receives a call from an unknown number which causes her face to turn pale and she answers it.

Vandana enters the room in a frenzy, informing Kunal that Tara has disappeared. Upon the family’s arrival, Vedika implores Kunal to bring Tara back. However, upon noticing Kunal’s unmoving stance, Vandana harshly refers to him as heartless and takes action herself. In an attempt to locate Tara, Vandana and Kunal head to the carnival. As they search for her, Vandana shows her photo to a passerby and inquires if he has seen her. The man reveals that someone is taking Tara away and before they can react, they hear her cries and turn their attention towards her being kidnapped. Without hesitation, the pair sprint towards their daughter in distress but unfortunately, she is taken away by the abductors in a van before they can reach her.


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