GHKKPM Upcoming Big moment Ishaan woos Savi

GHKKPM 9th November 2023 Written Update Surprise

GHKKPM Upcoming Big moment Ishaan woos Savi. Durva inquires of Sam how he is aware of her love for partying, considering she hasn’t posted anything about it on social media. Sam replies that he simply recognized a similar spirit between them. He impresses Durva with his charm and words, mentioning their potential for future trips together after marriage. Durva is impressed by Sam’s cool and lively persona upon seeing his photos. Later, Ishaan arrives at Kiran’s residence and inquires about Harini and Savi from Kiran’s mother. She reveals that they are currently at the hospital. Ishaan then asks her to pass on a fruit basket to Harini and a cake to Savi.

Kiran’s mother questions if Ishaan is the one who caused harm to her son, to which he admits but shows no remorse before leaving. As Kiran’s mother attempts to dispose of the cake, Savi intervenes and discovers that Ishaan had presented them with a fruit basket and cake. Harini is filled with joy upon receiving Ishaan’s gesture. She praises his goodness, noticing the word “sorry” written on the cake and inquires Savi about it. Wanting to discard the cake, she stops her and asks for an explanation. Savi expresses her reluctance to forgive Ishaan and makes it clear that she doesn’t want him involved in her life.


Ishaan quickly jumps to conclusions and condemns Savi without giving her a chance to explain. As a result, Savi is rightfully upset and ends their mentor-mentee relationship, stating that Ishaan is not fit to be her teacher. Later, Ishaan learns the truth behind Savi’s absence and offers a sincere apology. However, Savi firmly insists that they should maintain a professional relationship as professors and students. Despite Ishaan’s attempt to reconcile, Savi remains steadfast in her decision. So what will happen next? Will Ishaan try to win back Savi’s trust as his mentee? Keep reading.


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