Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Update New twist for Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Update New twist for Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Update New twist for Pranbir. Pallavi makes the necessary preparations before the Pooja. Once the Tandon family arrives at the Kohli mansion, Pallavi welcomes them warmly and receives blessings from Mihika. Later on, when it’s time to begin the Pooja, the Pandit requests for Prashad. Receiving a reminder from him, Pallavi quickly assures that she will arrange it without delay. Prachi offers her assistance in preparing the Prashad and Manpreet also asks for Pallavi’s permission to let Prachi handle it. With no hesitation, Pallavi agrees and assigns Prachi to the task.

As Prachi prepares Prasad in the kitchen, Ranbir offers his assistance. However, he accidentally cuts his finger while working with the dry fruits. Expressing concern and frustration, Prachi brings him to his room and retrieves the first aid box. She takes care of his wound and Ranbir can’t help but feel grateful for her presence. He shows his love by giving her a gentle kiss on the forehead. This act catches Mihika’s attention who finds it inappropriate and leaves the room. Ranbir follows her in an attempt to stop Mihika from talking to Akshay about what happened. She questions him if he wants to hide the truth to protect his image. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023.


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Amrish asks Natasha to relay a message to Hetal, requesting Golu’s attendance as a guest has brought dandiya for him. Meanwhile, Chiku is on the lookout for Isha and is surprised by her sudden disappearance. Natasha also takes notice of Isha sneaking out and becomes wary of her actions. Later, Isha witnesses Hetal in tears and feels pleased. Upon further investigation, Natasha revealed that she saw a girl in a veil with Golu’s broken toy lodged in her ghagra. She then instructs Hetal to distract Isha through dancing while she ventures through a tunnel to find Golu. This plan angers Amrish, who becomes upset with Hetal for not keeping an eye on Isha. As the chaos intensifies in the Makwana family, Hetal eventually discloses that Golu is still missing.

Mihika questions Ranbir’s motive for wanting to keep things from everyone, claiming it is to protect his false respect and feigned goodness. Vikram turns to Ashok and Ranbir for an explanation of the situation. Ranbir suggests discussing the matter inside, while Ashok and Manpreet urge Mihika to do the same. Mihika expresses her frustration, saying that no one else could have parents like hers or a brother like Ranbir. Akshay cuts in, asking her to stop speaking nonsense and Mihika shouts for Prachi. Khushi and Divya inquire about the commotion. Upon Manpreet’s suggestion, Divya takes Mihika out for ice cream to calm her down.

Meanwhile, Akshay advises Mihika not to involve him or Prachi and settle the issue with Ranbir alone. Undeterred, Mihika continues criticizing her brother and husband, claiming she caught them kissing in a room earlier. The audience is shocked by this revelation but Vishaka insists on hearing Mihika out. However, Ranbir intervenes, stating that the situation will only deteriorate if she speaks further and he cannot tolerate anyone saying anything against Prachi. Mihika inquires about the nature of your relationship with each other. Ranbir responds that they share a bond of mutual respect. Mihika then requests him to kiss her as well.

However, Ranbir clarifies that while he wants to treat Mihika with respect, she has done something to disappoint and lower his opinion of her. He asks how he can continue to show her respect after such behavior. Mihika insists that Prachi and Ranbir’s relationship is pure and sacred, likening it to the holy river Ganges. She urges him not to make any impure comments about their bond. Akshay interrupts and asks if Ranbir has kissed Prachi, while also questioning Prachi about what Ranbir said. Pallavi expresses frustration over Mihika causing trouble for everyone, prompting Dida to advise her to stay calm. Pallavi defends Mihika, stating that she is simply hurt and lashing out because of it.

Akshay and Pallavi question Prachi about Ranbir’s actions, with Akshay asking if he had kissed her. Meanwhile, Ranbir clarifies that while he was once engaged to Mihika, they are no longer together and there is nothing between them. He also urges Prachi to stand by him, especially when Mihika is trying to harm her reputation. When asked again, Ranbir admits to the kiss and explains that it was not with any bad intention but rather a pure expression of emotions. He compares it to a kiss on his mother and grandmother’s foreheads as well as his daughter’s when she was born. It was a kiss from the soul, not a physical one.

As Akshay accuses them of doing things behind his back, the truth remains that Ranbir only has good intentions towards Prachi. Manpreet firmly states that she will not tolerate anyone speaking ill of Prachi and urges Akshay to refrain from it as well. Turning to Prachi, she encourages her to respond to any questions thrown her way, emphasizing that nobody has the right to doubt or interrogate her. Ashok approaches and laments over the burden of his children’s accusations on her shoulders. He expresses his regret, feeling unfortunate as he had treated her like a daughter but now she is facing punishment. He apologizes sincerely to her.

Mihika chimes in, questioning their sanity and clarifying that Ranbir is not engaged to her, but Prachi still remains Akshay’s wife at present. Ranbir pleads with everyone to stop and confesses that he had kept silent until now but can no longer contain the truth about Prachi and Akshay’s relationship. He reveals his own hurt and explains that he must tell the truth for Prachi’s sake. Akshay urges Ranbir to address him directly instead of talking to his wife. Ranbir clarifies that Prachi is not Akshay’s wife and he is aware of the truth. He points out that Akshay did not apply kumkum on Prachi’s forehead, their wedding rituals were incomplete, and there was no marriage between them.

He apologizes to Prachi for not taking advantage of the situation despite knowing the truth and assures her that he will no longer keep quiet. Akshay denies the accusations while Ashok confirms that they are true. Manpreet states that she always knew Prachi would never overstep her boundaries and if it was any other girl in her place, she would have eloped with Ranbir. She praises Prachi for maintaining the dignity of a non-existent relationship. Ashok admits that Prachi may not be their daughter-in-law, but she is their beloved daughter. Manpreet then voices her desire for Prachi to marry someone who can support her, value their love, and respect women – someone like Ranbir. This revelation leaves Akshay, Mihika, and Vishaka upset.

Manpreet inquires whether Pallavi shares Prachi and Ranbir’s alliance. Akshay questions what is being said. Ashok urges for silence. Ranbir expresses to Pallavi that he cannot go on without Prachi, stating that even though he may exist without her, his breath does not function and he feels incomplete without her. He reminds her that she knows how she completes him and pleads for her to bless them with their happiness, allowing them to be together. Dida declares that Ranbir’s life is intertwined with theirs and approves of the alliance, adding that ever since she has seen them together, it is evident they love each other deeply and should not be separated.

She continues by saying they are not the ones making decisions, as it is all in God’s hands. Vikram agrees with Dida’s sentiment and brings up Khushi, emphasizing how their family would finally be complete with Prachi and Ranbir together.


  1. Kkb big twist to prachi Ranbir marriage again it comeing after long lam so happy because of prachi Ranbir love and marriage i want Shana in kkb story and want Aliya son and Shana when will marry episode come iam waiting for this couples marry next prachi pregnant again it will be nice 3generation before like abi pragya before pregnancy second time like it will be go like this story will be nice 👍


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