Parineetii 29th October 2023 Written Update Major twists

Parineetii 29th October 2023 Written Update Major twists

Parineetii 29th October 2023 Written Update Major twists. Pari urges Parminder to prevent Neeti from leaving the house. She rushes over to Neeti, while Parminder points fingers at Gurinder and Bebe for causing problems. Tauji tries to reason with Sanju, but he refuses to listen and storms off. Pari meets Neeti who blames her for ruining her life. Parminder reprimands Bebe for giving in to anger and going too far. She reminds Bebe to be grateful that both Pari and her baby are safe, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. Turning to Gurinder, she questions her involvement in the conspiracy.

Parminder reveals that despite initial conflicts with Bebe, Gurinder was manipulated by hatred towards Parimeet and crossed all limits. Shocking Gurinder, she exposes Bebe’s true intention of destroying their family. Once Parminder departs, Gurinder confronts Bebe about the accusations, but Bebe denies them. Pari attempts to explain her perspective to Neeti, but she refuses to listen. She accuses Pari of belittling her in front of Sanju. Bebe then arrives and questions if their argument is still ongoing. Tauji intervenes and explains to Sanju that Neeti is concerned about his possessiveness towards Pari.


Although Sanju acknowledges it, he struggles to overcome it. Tauji advises him to consider the importance of relationships and marriage and make a decision without being swayed by external factors. Meanwhile, Bebe interrupts Pari and Neeti’s conversation. Neeti warns her to stop influencing Pari against her, as she has already done so too much. Neeti also blames Pari for shifting the blame onto others, but Pari tries to clarify the situation.

However, Neeti walks away without listening further. Pari observes that Neeti is unwell. She cautions Bebe against her actions and reminds her that she will not stay silent if she tries to harm Pari or her child. Parminder advises Neeti to only observe the fast if she feels well enough. Meanwhile, Sanju takes Tauji’s advice and attempts to reconcile with Neeti. Although Neeti arrives, she ignores Sanju as he gazes at her with emotion.


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