YRKKH 29th October 2023 Written Update Abhi returns

YRKKH 29th October 2023 Written Update Abhi returns

YRKKH 29th October 2023 Written Update Abhi returns. The Goenka family struggles to focus at the retreat center. As a consequence of their inability to concentrate, Abhir and Ruhi receive punishment from a staff member for causing disruption. Feeling hungry, the Goenkas decide to eat, but Swarna remarks that the food is tasteless. Despite this, they continue with their activities, including assisting Abhimanyu in his meditation. However, while meditating, Abhimanyu is reminded of Manjiri’s betrayal and lies when Akshara asks if he is okay. He doesn’t want to reveal his restlessness to Akshara because he believes the Goenkas are there for him. Eventually, he reassures Akshara that he is fine, although she doesn’t believe him and feels bad for the family who came to support Abhimanyu.

Meanwhile, Aarohi, Kairav, and Muskaan work hard to clean the center but eventually become exhausted. As Manjiri arrives at the center, she learns from the staff that Abhimanyu has left on a trip with his family and is surprised by this news. Abhimanyu reminisces about Manjiri. Akshara surprises him with chocolate and he inquires about its origin. She responds by saying she enjoys doing small gestures for Abhimanyu. Grateful, Abhimanyu decides to share the treat. While Akshara excuses herself, Shefali informs him that Shivu came first in class and has invited Abhimanyu to a party at Birla House. Meanwhile, goons attack Akshara and Aarohi elsewhere. Keep reading for a full written update coming shortly.


YRKKH 29th October 2023 Written Update Abhi returns:

All the elders sneak into the attendant’s room to steal pickles while berating him for serving them bland food. To their surprise, the attendant finds some broken phones and equipment in the cupboard and wonders about their origin. Meanwhile, Kairav expresses his regret to Muskaan for not being able to take her on a holiday or honeymoon yet. Muskaan assures him that it is not his fault as their family situation has become complicated recently. She suggests they wait until things settle down before going on a trip. However, Kairav promises to celebrate their anniversary first instead of waiting for everything to calm down.

As Kairav and Muskaan enjoy a romantic moment, the staff interrupts and reminds them to get back to work. After a while, everyone rests on the grass, exhausted from the day’s activities. Suddenly, Surekha arrives, brimming with excitement. When questioned about the reason for her happiness, she reveals that she has discovered a way out of the retreat by showing them the three-strike policy. Just then, Akshara joins them and asks if they would be willing to stay an extra day for Abhimanyu’s sake. Manish and the others agree that they would gladly extend their stay if it’s just for one day and Abhimanyu’s benefit.

Abhimanyu realizes that he and his family are not achieving the desired peace due to the tasks assigned by certain individuals. He informs them of his willingness to leave, but Manish, Swarna, Kairav, and the children put on a facade of happiness for Abhimanyu’s sake. Akshara expresses her gratitude for introducing them to such a tranquil place. Just as Abhimanyu prepares to speak, the staff interrupts with accusations that the children have damaged a laptop while folding clothes. However, Akshara and Aarohi provided evidence that they were present with the children and there was no laptop involved. Instead of feeling remorseful, the staff insists that rules were broken and threatens to evict them without a refund and charge for the laptop’s damages.

Manish retrieves all the damaged items from the office room cupboard and explains their scheme of deceiving guests for profit. This infuriates Akshara, who warns that legal action will be taken if their money is not returned promptly. The staff cowers in fear and expresses remorse while groveling on the floor. In an attempt to make amends, Akshara apologizes to Abhimanyu and offers to arrange a different retreat for him right away. However, Abhimanyu declines, stating that he doesn’t enjoy being there either and has realized that true happiness lies in being with his loved ones. Once their belongings are returned, Akshara plays a cheerful song and they all dance around Abhimanyu to uplift his spirits.

The Goenka family arrives home to see Shivansh waiting for them, beaming with joy. Shefali shares the news that he achieved first place in his class, which brings a smile to everyone’s face. Abhimanyu inquires about Shivansh’s desired gift, and Shivu invites him to his party later that evening. As they make plans, Mahima reminds them to invite their friends as well. Shivu expresses missing Abhir and Ruhi, who say the same in return to Abhimanyu. Apologizing for bringing Shivu along, Mahima assures Abhimanyu that they are always welcome.

Shefali reassures him that she empathizes with the challenges he faces in returning home, and assures him that she will understand if he chooses not to. As Mahima departs with Shefali and Shivu, Akshara urges Abhimanyu to go as well. However, Abhimanyu brings up Manjiri’s past actions while Akshara insists that Shivu should not be punished for them. Standing by Akshara’s viewpoint, Manish suggests involving the children in the decision-making process. Just then, Kairav suggests leaving the final decision up to Abhimanyu.


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