GHKKPM Upcoming Saubhagyavati Bhava Highlights

GHKKPM Upcoming Saubhagyavati Bhava Highlights

GHKKPM Upcoming Saubhagyavati Bhava Highlights. Savi arrives at the mess for breakfast and is reminded by the owner that her bill is due. She assures him she will pay within two days and requests her order to be canceled, which the owner agrees to. Savi then approaches Harini and asks her to prepare a meal. Susheela interrupts and inquires about Savi’s visit. She brings up Savi’s involvement in sending her son to jail and expresses distress over their current financial situation. Susheela’s husband intervenes and takes her away. Savi turns to Harini and asks if their finances are truly troubled, to which Harini confirms they have been struggling to pay rent for the past three months. She reveals they need Rs 25000 within a week or they will have to move out of their house. Harini assures Savi not to worry as she will look for a job, but Savi insists on taking a month’s rest and promises to take care of their expenses.

Saubhagyavati Bhava Highlights:


Viraj throws a birthday party for Khushi after she affectionately calls him Papa. The guests enjoy the festivities as Khushi cuts the cake and feeds Viraj and Nihal. However, her happiness quickly turns to panic when she sees that Nihal has sleeping pills. In an attempt to escape, Khushi sneaks away and returns home, only to be rejected by her parents. Her shock turns to relief when she sees Viraj at her doorstep. He reveals that he witnessed her adding sleeping pills to the cake and chose not to eat it.

He also discloses that he is Khushi’s biological father and urges her to stay with him. Siya declines to take rounds with Raghav a second time and loses consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, Raghav reveals that he drugged her Kheer with sleeping pills and informs her of her pregnancy. Siya’s family expresses their congratulations. In a fit of rage, Siya attempts to stab Raghav, who witnesses this and is told by her that he has no claim over their child.


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