Kundali Bhagya Shrishti to die Ultimate sacrifice for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Shrishti to die Ultimate sacrifice for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Shrishti to die Ultimate sacrifice for Preeta. Shrishti attempts to flee and is subsequently shot by Nikhil in the hand, causing her to lose consciousness. Terrified, Nikhil calls for Rocky who arrives and confirms that Shrishti is still breathing. He then follows Shrishti’s request and video calls Nidhi. Upon seeing Shrishti, Nidhi immediately reprimands him for mistaking her for Preeta in the kidnapping scheme. Shrishti also scolds Nidhi, expressing her relief that she was taken instead of Preeta. In a warning to Nidhi, she declares that Preeta should not be touched under any circumstances. Rocky berates his men for their mistake in taking Shrishti instead of Preeta, while Nidhi tells him not to release Shrishti.

Preeta tries to reach Rajveer, but he doesn’t answer. She then leaves to look for Shrishti. Karan becomes annoyed with the constant photos from Nidhi. Rajveer suggests that Nidhi may be trying to manipulate the truth. Kavya becomes tearful upon seeing the banner to welcome Preeta, knowing Shaurya’s disapproval. Shrishti assures the kidnappers that she will not involve the police and plans to leave town with her family. Rocky insists that Shrishti must be eliminated since she saw their faces.


Shrishti is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for Preeta and will express this to Nidhi. She reassures Nidhi that harming Preeta is not an option. Additionally, Nidhi plans to surprise Preeta with a birthday gift. However, she also threatens that today may be the end for Preeta. Will Shrishti’s actions lead her to find Preeta? Keep reading.


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