Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Vandana learns Vaibhav’s truth

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Vandana learns Vaibhav's truth

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Upcoming Vandana learns Vaibhav’s truth. Mrunal can’t help feeling jealous when Vaibhav tells her not to worry, as he’s only pretending. She pulls him aside and grabs a plate of vermillion, eager for him to fill her hairline with it. Vaibhav smiles and takes a pinch of the powder to apply on her head. Meanwhile, Vandu stands by and watches, heartbroken as she remembers all the promises of eternal love that Vaibhav had made to her, now repeating them with Mrunal. Vaibhav explains that after Hemant receives the token money and finalizes the property deal, he will automatically gain Vandu’s share, allowing him to leave her for good without any further interference from anyone.

Mrunal adds that Vaibhav and she will not be held responsible for the divorce, as Vandu’s inability to become a mother works in their favor. While Vandu watches them with pain, Mrunal expresses her pride in their excellent acting skills. Vaibhav adds that ever since discovering the house was up for sale, he has been able to transfer Vandu’s share of the money. This leads him to pretend to be in love with her, knowing that when she finally learns the truth, her world will crumble while they live comfortably. He then embraces Mrunal tightly. Upon seeing this, Vandu becomes shaky and collapses to the ground.


Kunal witnesses this and rushes over with Mrunal as everyone else gathers around. Vijay frantically asks what happened to his Vandu, to which Kunal responds with anger towards Vaibhav, stating that Vandu is in a state of shock after learning the truth about their supposed love. Kunal announces his intention to expose the truth and carries Vandu, shooting a hateful glare at Vaibhav. He then storms off, with everyone following him inside. Kunal describes love’s betrayal as a jolt of electricity. Vjjay inquires about Vandu’s well-being, but Vaibhav interrupts and claims that she didn’t eat due to dancing.

Kunal erupts in anger and punches Vaibhav, demanding that he confess his betrayal to everyone present. Mrunal attempts to free Vaibhav from Kunal’s grasp, but he also scolds her while Vaibhav remains quiet. Meanwhile, Kunal points out the vermillion on Mrunal’s head and Vaibhav’s hand, shocking everyone. He remarks that even in her unconscious state, Vandu is suffering due to witnessing a profound betrayal. He goes on to say that when one’s own family betrays them, it shatters them into countless fragments. Vijay isn’t able to tolerate the bitter truth. He breaks down and worries for Vandu.


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