Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update Suspicious Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update Suspicious Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update Suspicious Ranbir. Akshay informs Prachi that she and Ranbir will now be taking on the role of parents for Khushi, instead of him. He assures them that he will take care of the necessary arrangements before the wedding. Grateful, Prachi thanks Akshay. The pandit then arrives at Kohli Mansion, where Pallavi reminds everyone to be cautious as the next four days are considered inauspicious for Ranbir. Ranbir expresses his gratitude to Pandit Ji’s warning and reassures Pallavi that nothing will happen to him. After the pandit leaves, Ranbir comforts his mother and promises her safety. Vishaka advises Akshay to always maintain a good relationship with everyone. She also mentions that it’s fortunate Mihika is not present there.

The Kohli family arrives at Tandon Mansion, where Akshay warmly greets Ranbir and engages in conversation with him. Ranbir is taken aback by Akshay’s behavior. Manpreet reminds Akshay to apologize for his actions the previous day. Without hesitation, Akshay apologizes to the Kohli family and admits that he was trying to hold on to something not rightfully his. He acknowledges his mistake and asks for their forgiveness. Acknowledging the change in his behavior, Pallavi and Daljeet commend Akshay. Vikram expresses gratitude towards Ashok for taking care of Prachi so far.


In response, Ashok humbly states that Prachi is his daughter and he feels blessed to have her in his life. Manpreet brings Prachi to the Kohli family, where Pallavi and Daljeet perform the Shagun ritual. They joyfully announce to Prachi that she will soon be their daughter-in-law, and she receives everyone’s blessings. Daljeet shares that this is the first time Ranbir and Prachi will be getting married with all the traditional ceremonies. Akshay then requests Manpreet to join in the ritual with Ranbir, who receives Aarthi and blessings from her.

Later, Akshay serves everyone with a sweet dish. Ashok happily adds that they will also celebrate with Prachi’s tea, and she goes to make it. As Ranbir and Prachi complete their pre-engagement ceremony, Ashok expresses his gratitude for having a wonderful daughter like her. Asking Akshay why he’s suddenly being so nice, Ranbir is met with a smile before Akshay heads off. Meanwhile, Mihika attempts to gain Khushi’s allegiance by telling her to publicly declare that she wants Ranbir to marry Mihika instead of Prachi because she loves Mihika the most. However, Khushi remains silent. Later, Ranbir joins Prachi in the kitchen and mentions how he never thought it could all come true, thanks to Akshay’s involvement.

However, Ranbir expresses his doubts about whether Akshay is actually a good person. This causes Prachi to defend Akshay, arguing that he’s always been a good friend who supports her. Despite this, Ranbir remains unconvinced and Prachi even asks if jealousy is behind his doubts. Denying any jealousy, Ranbir fails to notice Akshay listening in on their conversation until Vishaka comes and takes him away.

Vishaka advises Akshay to avoid getting caught and then inquires if he noticed how Prachi supported him, making Ranbir feel envious. Akshay acknowledges this and expresses concern that Ranbir’s jealousy may damage his relationship with Prachi. He thanks Vishaka for her unwavering support and assures her he will do whatever it takes to win over Prachi. Meanwhile, Manpreet suggests taking photos and Daljeet questions who Ranbir is looking for. Responding, Ranbir speaks about Akshay to Daljeet, who asks if he is feeling jealous. Ranbir denies any feelings of jealousy.

Pallavi inquires about Ranbir’s mood and asks him to smile for the photo. Daljeet mentions that Ranbir is feeling envious. However, Ranbir denies this and walks away. Later, Prachi approaches Ranbir and offers him a cup of tea. Leading into the conversation, Ranbir expresses that he thought Prachi had come to apologize since she was speaking highly of Akshay, despite knowing his dislike for him. Prachi apologizes to Ranbir as he flirts with her, jokingly remarking that there is no sugar in the tea. After taking a sip herself, Prachi confirms that there is sugar. To playfully tease her further, Ranbir takes a tea from the same spot as Prachi and imagines it as if he has kissed her. As their playful banter concludes, Prachi excuses herself from the situation.


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