Kundali Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update Preeta meets Luthras

Kundali Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update Preeta meets Luthras

Kundali Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update Preeta meets Luthras. Rocky assures Rajveer he will complete the mission as planned. Suddenly, the police arrive and Rocky makes a swift escape. Mohit goes to fetch a taxi while Rajveer and Shrishti make their way out of the warehouse. Rishabh inquires with Mahesh about the unusual silence. Mahesh explains that everyone is waiting for Preeta’s arrival, but since Karan isn’t answering his phone, they are worried she may not come. He reveals they haven’t even eaten anything yet. Rishabh expresses his hope that Preeta will show up today. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, causing everyone to perk up.

Varun appears at the door and Kavya informs the Luthras that she invited him. Rishabh speculates that perhaps Karan has found Preeta and that’s why he hasn’t been taking their calls. Kareena chimes in, stating confidently that Karan promised to bring Preeta back and he will follow through on his word. As Karan drives the car, he gazes at Preeta, remembering how she had cautioned him to drive slowly. With a determined tone, he assures her that he will always heed her words and drive carefully. He expresses his fear of losing her again and reveals that she is the reason for his renewed sense of life. Moved by emotion, he places a tender kiss on her hand and wishes her a happy birthday.


As they approach midnight, Mahesh excitedly informs Rakhi that it’s almost time for Preeta’s return. Rakhi believes wholeheartedly in Karan’s promise to bring Preeta back. However, Kavya breaks down in tears, causing everyone to inquire about her distress. Varun explains that Kavya feels guilty for not being able to recall Preeta’s face and is anxious about their upcoming meeting. Rishabh comforts Kavya, assuring her of Preeta’s love for her. With determination in her voice, Rakhi states that tonight they will finally uncover the truth behind Preeta’s prolonged absence from their lives.

Karan speaks to the unconscious Preeta, informing her that the Luthras are eagerly awaiting their arrival. He then contacts Rajveer, inquiring about his search for his Maasi. However, Mohit answers and reveals that Rajveer has found his Maasi, before ending the call abruptly. Puzzled by the attempt on Preeta’s life, Karan ponders about the reason behind it. Rishabh reminds everyone that there are only 5 minutes left and if Preeta doesn’t return today, all hope will be lost. Mahesh admits feeling scared before they all head inside. Seeing Kavya’s concern, Rakhi assures her that Karan will surely bring Preeta back with him. Meanwhile, Varun takes a call from his mother while Rishabh informs the Luthras that Karan has successfully rescued Preeta as he saw from the terrace. Overjoyed by this news, the Luthras prepare flowers to welcome Preeta.

As Karan arrives at the house with Preeta, they are greeted by Kareena who informs them of Preeta’s unconscious state. Rakhi then questions Karan about Preeta’s condition, to which he responds that he has fulfilled his promise and promptly takes her inside. Meanwhile, Nidhi arrives and is taken aback upon seeing Preeta. At the same time, Mohit and Rajveer have taken Shrishti to the hospital, where they are spotted by Rocky who immediately informs Nidhi. Concerned about Shrishti exposing her, Nidhi determines that she must eliminate her first. As Karan brings Preeta to his room, he instructs Rakhi to prepare for a birthday celebration.


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