Kundali Bhagya Diwali Promo Update Preeta slaps Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya Diwali Promo Update Preeta slaps Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya Diwali Promo Update Preeta slaps Nidhi. As Shrishti falls unconscious, Rajveer bursts in, breaking the door and finding her in that state. Mohit hands him a blanket to cover her with. Without hesitation, Rajveer picks up Shrishti and prepares to leave. However, Rocky appears and warns Rajveer not to take her away under his watch. At the same time, Nidhi is irritated that she cannot reach Katia, whose phone has died. She worries when she hears Karan’s voice there and decides to go herself rather than leave Preeta’s fate to chance. She expresses frustration towards Katia for causing this situation and refuses to pay them for their unprofessional behavior. Meanwhile, Preeta and Karan remain unconscious near the cliff.

Not only has Nidhi orchestrated Shrishti’s kidnapping, but she has also callously left her to perish in a fire. Her goons nearly succeeded in killing Shrishti, and it was only Karan’s timely intervention that saved Preeta and Shrishti’s lives. Despite Rajveer’s brave attempt to rescue Shrishti from the flames, he was unable to prevent her untimely loss, and he revealed that it was indeed Nidhi who had ordered the kidnapping. In an upcoming Diwali promo, viewers will witness Preeta’s return to the Luthra household, where she confronts Nidhi with a resounding slap. Nidhi tries to shout at Preeta and oust her, but Preeta gives her a befitting reply.


She exposes Nidhi’s crimes to the Luthras. The family is delighted to see Preeta back in the house. Preeta loses her cool and tells how Nidhi left Shrishti in the fire to die. She vows to make Nidhi suffer for every injury inflicted on Shrishti. As Karan arrives home and locks eyes with Preeta, all other distractions fade away – including Nidhi’s powerless state. Good will once again triumph over evil, but what lies ahead? Will Nidhi be able to escape Preeta’s wrath? Keep reading.


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