1 Proud Moment in Kavya 2nd November 2023 Upcoming

1 Proud Moment in Kavya 2nd November 2023 Upcoming

1 Proud Moment in Kavya 2nd November 2023 Upcoming. Adi praises Kavya’s ability to handle herself and mentions how she persuaded the villagers to resume the hospital project. He then asks for Giriraj’s assistance in obtaining a power supply, to which Giriraj agrees and signs the necessary paperwork. Upon receiving help from his father, Adi expresses his gratitude before leaving. Omi inquires about Giriraj’s actions, to which he replies that he has simply found a new approach. He then asks Omi to contact the electricity department. Shubh informs Kavya that vendors have been secured, and when Adi arrives, he sees them holding hands. Adi hands over the documents for the electricity permission to Kavya, who thanks him upon seeing them.

When Kavya inquires about the electricity, the worker informs her that only the electricity department has that information. Worried about a potential issue for the inspection tomorrow, Kavya considers how the villagers have given a strict deadline of 3 days to construct the hospital before being relocated. However, thanks to her efforts, electricity is now available at the hospital. Excitedly watching the news on TV, Giriraj turns to Omi and wonders how Kavya managed to get electricity despite his instructions to the department not to provide it.



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