Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Update Prachi tricked

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Update Prachi tricked

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Update Prachi tricked. Upon arrival at the Tandon mansion, the Kohli family is greeted by Akshay. While conversing with Ranbir, Akshay’s actions confuse him. Manpreet reminds Akshay to apologize for his previous behavior, to which he agrees and sincerely asks for forgiveness from the Kohli family. Realizing his mistake, Akshay expresses remorse and seeks their understanding. Pallavi and Daljeet commend Akshay for his change of heart. Meanwhile, Ranbir heads to the kitchen to spend time with Prachi. Vishaka advises Akshay to avoid getting caught. She then mentions how Prachi’s support for him made Ranbir feel jealous. Akshay confirms this and expresses concern that Ranbir’s jealousy may damage his relationship with Prachi.

He gratefully acknowledges Vishaka’s unwavering support and determination to win over Prachi. Meanwhile, Ranbir shares that Pandit Ji has declared the day after tomorrow as the most auspicious date for his and Prachi’s wedding. Mihika inquires about Akshay his potential reaction to Prachi’s second pregnancy, resulting from her relationship with Ranbir. She also wonders if that child will refer to Akshay as “Mama.” In a fit of rage, Akshay demands Khushi’s assurance that she will prioritize her love for him over her father. After reluctantly giving her word, Khushi is embraced by Akshay, who conceals his malicious motives. One can only speculate what will unfold next.


Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Arjun is concerned about Kashvi’s well-being and contacts Dadi for an update on his file. He discovers that Kashvi has a cold and failed to take her medication. Meanwhile, Mahima instructs Nitya to trap Kashvi in a cold storage unit. Upon receiving a complaint, Kashvi leaves the office to investigate. Armed with medicine, Arjun arrives at Kashvi’s office but finds out she received incorrect information and rushes to help her.

At the factory, he searches for Kashvi while Mahima’s hired goons disguised as security guards warn him to leave. Ignoring their threats, Arjun refuses to abandon his search and ends up getting attacked and losing consciousness. The goons then lock him inside the cold storage unit while waiting for Kashvi’s arrival. When Kashvi reaches the factory and spots Arjun’s car, she becomes curious about its presence there. On the other hand, Mahima selfishly admits that she wants Kashvi dead so she can have Arjun for herself. Unaware of each other’s predicament, Kashvi and Arjun are both trapped inside the cold storage unit.

Prachi receives a call from Ranbir and excuses herself to answer it. He playfully asks her if she’s missing him, to which she responds affirmatively. Later, he inquires about her thoughts on the bridal dress he picked out for her. Showing her appreciation, Prachi mentions that she knew it was his choice. Unbeknownst to them, Mihika overhears their conversation. Prachi approaches Daljeet, who immediately inquires if it was Ranbir who contacted her. Confirming this, Prachi blushes as Daljeet playfully mentions Ranbir’s name. Feeling embarrassed, she quickly walks away. Meanwhile, Divya calls Mihika to inquire about the event unfolding there. Mihika informs that Ranbir and Prachi are getting married at the moment. Hearing this, Divya asks if Mihika plans to pursue Ranbir. Without hesitation, Mihika declares that Ranbir will always be hers and rejects any possibility of the marriage happening.

Prachi expresses her gratitude to the makeup artist for helping her get ready. She thanked God that Ranbir would be accompanying her again. Mihika, on the other hand, is determined to have the Kumkum Bhagya applied only in her Maang, and not let anyone take it away. To delay the marriage, she deliberately ruins Prachi’s dress. In another cunning move, she plans to spike Vikram’s drink, resulting in his hospitalization and ultimately stopping the wedding. Despite the setback, Prachi manages to grab her dress and realizes that it has been torn in the middle. Just then, Manpreet arrives and urges Prachi to hurry up as Ranbir will be there in 5 minutes. Not wanting to keep him waiting, Prachi assures that she will be ready within 5 minutes.

Ranbir arrives at the Tandon mansion with his family. Mihika catches sight of him and excitedly realizes that her Groom has arrived. Ashok instructs Ranbir to wait outside and mentions that they will traditionally welcome him before he can enter. Vikram nods in agreement, while playfully teasing Ranbir. Meanwhile, Ranbir impatiently waits to catch a glimpse of Prachi. Manpreet instructs Divya to urgently summon Prachi. Divya rushes over to Prachi and beckons her to come downstairs.

Upon setting her eyes on the ruined dress, Prachi suspects Mihika’s involvement. Later, Mihika approaches Vikram and offers him a welcome drink. Without hesitation, Vikram takes a sip of the spiked beverage. The Pandit instructs Ranbir to summon the bride, while Daljeet hurries over to Prachi to ask her to come. However, upon seeing her ruined dress, Daljeet quickly requests for Prachi to change into a new one. After a few moments, Daljeet reassures everyone that Prachi will be ready soon. Yet, as time passes and Prachi still hasn’t appeared, Ranbir decides to check on her in her room. He questions her about the delay and she explains that her bridal dress is ruined. Worriedly, Ranbir asks if she should wear another dress instead. However, Prachi reminds him of the tradition where the bridal outfit should be provided by the groom’s family. Unsure of what to do next, Ranbir turns to Prachi for guidance.

The Pandit inquires about the whereabouts of the Bride and Groom, prompting Pallavi to notice Prachi descending the stairs in her bridal attire with Ranbir. Ranbir then expresses his regret to Pallavi for mistakenly giving Prachi her bridal dress, to which Prachi also apologizes. Grateful, Pallavi thanks Prachi for wearing her dress and they all proceed to sit in the Mandap. The Pandit then instructs Ranbir and Prachi to exchange Varmalas. Shortly after, he asks them to stand up for the Phere. As they begin, Prachi nearly slips but is caught by Ranbir who assures her safety. In a sweet gesture, Ranbir carries Prachi and completes the Phere together. The Pandit then directs him to put a Mangalsutra around Prachi’s neck, followed by applying Kumkum in her Maang.


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