YRKKH New Generation Promo presents a new love triangle

YRKKH New Generation Promo presents a new love triangle

YRKKH New Generation Promo presents a new love triangle. Abhira says that she has innumerable wishes, but her biggest wish is to become a lawyer like her mother Akshara. She introduces herself as Abhira Akshara Sharma. She doesn’t add her father’s name, but only the surname, which signifies that Akshara and Abhimanyu failed to get married before their final journey. On the other hand, a rich guy belonging to a huge joint family is seen. Armaan says that he got his identity from his family and all he wishes is that he never hurt them. Ruhi is the love of his life. She wishes to spend her life’s every moment with him by marrying him. Twist strikes fate when Armaan marries Abhira. He brings Abhira home as his wife.

His Badimaa lectures Abhira for ruining Armaan’s life by marrying him. Badimaa wants Abhira’s life to run on their terms and conditions and restricts Abhira’s life boundaries. Abhira gets worried. Armaan is stunned to see Ruhi married to his brother. Ruhi, Armaan, and Abhira’s life begins. A new start in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai brings the same question as the title. Time entangles three lives into a complex love triangle. Watch the YRKKH New Generation track beginning 6th November 2023.



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