2 Shockers in Udaariyaan for Armaan and Alia

2 Shockers in Udaariyaan for Armaan and Alia

2 Shockers in Udaariyaan for Armaan and Alia. Armaan chases after Aasma, admitting his shame and pleading for her forgiveness. However, Aasma urges him to stop his foolishness and refrain from speaking insincerely. She expresses her disappointment in marrying him and reveals that she has already signed divorce papers, asking him to do the same and release her from their marriage. With that, Aasma departs. Alia intervenes, advising Armaan not to believe Aasma’s words as she will eventually leave him. She claims innocence and places the blame on Aasma for lying.

In response, Armaan stays silent. Alia reminds him of the difficult journey they went through to reach Canada and how they promised to stay together no matter what. She wants to show him something important that reaffirms her decision to come here. Aasma returns home and Harleen explains why she advised against going to India. She blames Deepak for everything while Aasma shifts the blame onto Armaan. However, she adds that it’s up to Armaan now. Harleen asserts that she won’t let Aasma go anywhere else. But Aasma insists on leaving as Deepak needs her in India. She asks Harleen for her blessings before departing, and Harleen reminds her that she is still her daughter and will always have her blessings.


With those words, Aasma says goodbye once again. Alia leads Armaan to Harleen’s house, introducing it as the place where she grew up and where her mother resides. She invites him inside, but he declines, stating that their paths have diverged. He confesses that he wanted to tell Aasma the truth many times, but couldn’t do so because of Alia. He now realizes that the person he loved is not who she truly is. He accuses her of not loving him and being willing to put Aasma’s life in danger for her own selfish motives. Love, according to him, is what Aasma embodies, not what Alia did. He pushes her away and leaves while Harleen watches from a distance. Alia rushes to Harleen and embraces her.

Harleen yells at Aasma, claiming that she is both her daughter and Alia’s daughter with Ekam. She confesses to only using her as a pawn in her plan to prove herself as a better mother than Nehmat, and now feels satisfied with her revenge. She fears the shame and rejection of their parents once they discover the truth. Harleen points out how Aasma radiates love and reminds them to look at her. Alia is devastated by the revelation. Meanwhile, Aasma prays at the Gurudwara and despite Armaan’s betrayal, still chooses to remember his good deeds. Armaan also happens to be at the same Gurudwara, seeking forgiveness from Babaji. He begs for one chance to meet Aasma, promising to dedicate his life to the Gurudwara thereafter.


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