Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Update Preeta bursts anger

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Update Preeta bursts anger

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Update Preeta bursts anger. Rajveer and Mohit rush towards Preeta, pulling her away from the lamp. She pleads for them to leave her alone, as she is praying for God to bring her sister back. Rajveer advises Preeta to stop hurting herself and assures her that Shrishti will be okay. Despite his words, Preeta remains inconsolable and insists on holding the bell. She tells Rajveer that God must bring her sister back as she has always been a devoted worshipper. As the doctor arrives, Preeta and Rajveer are informed that Shrishti has slipped into a coma. Meanwhile, Nidhi returns home with a subdued demeanor and inquires about Karan’s whereabouts. Rakhi responds by revealing that Karan has taken Preeta to the hospital for some much-needed rest.

This news surprises Nidhi and she begins to question why Karan would conceal the truth about Preeta’s condition from the family. Karan searched the streets for Preeta, while fervently praying for her safety. Meanwhile, Rajveer and Preeta were devastated to learn that Shrishti had fallen into a coma. After being informed by the doctor that Shrishti would be in the ICU for some time, they returned home. The following day, Nidhi came downstairs with a cheery demeanor and asked Kareena and Dadi about Preeta’s whereabouts. Kareena reminded her that Karan had brought an unconscious Preeta back home and she was currently recovering in the hospital in hopes of reuniting with them for Diwali celebrations.


Meanwhile, Rajveer and Preeta are at home consumed by feelings of remorse and sadness for Shrishti. As the family prepares for Diwali, Preeta’s emotions overflow and she tearfully expresses that without Shrishti, the festival holds no meaning for her. Mohit inquires Rajveer and the others about how Shrishti’s room specifically caught fire and expresses concern whether it was yet another attempt on her life. Might Preeta be able to piece together Nidhi’s involvement through her bracelet? Is Nidhi planning to harm Preeta before Karan can reach her? Meanwhile, appearing timid and deceptive, Nidhi returns home and inquires about Karan from the family. However, Rakhi informs her that Karan has taken Preeta to the hospital for a day of rest. This news surprises Nidhi, who ponders why Karan would fabricate falsehoods about Preeta to the family. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Update Preeta bursts anger:

Preeta and Rajveer rush into Shrishti’s room, with Gurpreet pleading with the doctor to allow Preeta to see her. However, the doctor explains that Srishti has sustained severe burns and only Preeta is permitted inside. Mohit interjects, reminding the doctor that Preeta is the only family member available. After some deliberation, the doctor instructs the nurse to allow Preeta a brief visit with Shrishti before exiting. As she recalls their shared memories, Preeta breaks down in tears. Later, as she aimlessly walks on the street, Gurpreet catches up to her and tries to console her. But Preeta expresses her desire to no longer live without Shrishti, declaring that she sees her as a daughter and blaming herself for not being able to save her sibling from danger. She believes that Shrishti must have been counting on her for rescue.

Nidhi extends her happy Diwali wishes to the Luthra ladies. Curious about Karan’s arrival with an unconscious Preeta, she inquires about her wellbeing. Dadi assures her that Preeta is resting at the hospital and will be brought home by Karan. However, Nidhi realizes that Karan is unaware of Shrishti’s situation. She ponders why Preeta kept the truth from him. As the family prepares for Diwali celebrations, Gurpreet reminds them to get ready and Preeta expresses her concern for Shrishti’s absence.

Remembering how much Shrishti loved Diwali, Gurpreet encourages Preeta to celebrate it in her honor and suggests performing a puja. Palki offers support to Preeta and promises to pray for Shrishti’s safe return. Karan invites Rajveer and his family to join in the Diwali celebrations at Luthra house. Gurpreet advises Rajveer to attend, as his absence may raise suspicion. Rajveer readily agrees to celebrate Diwali at Luthra house. Karan looks forward to Preeta’s presence there. Gurpreet reassures Rajveer that she will take care of Preeta and walks away.

Palki wipes away Rajveer’s tears and expresses gratitude for his support. She promises to always stand by him and gives him a hug. Shaurya and Sandy arrive at Luthra house. Rishabh inquires why Shaurya left without informing anyone, and advises him not to do so again. Shaurya nods in agreement. Rishabh then informs him that Preeta had visited but has now left. Shaurya is taken aback by this news. Rishabh goes on to say that Preeta will be returning tonight.

Doubtfully, Shaurya states his belief that she won’t come back and heads inside. In the meantime, Rakhi reaches out to Daljeet, inviting her and her family to celebrate Diwali at the Luthra house. She explains that it’s a special occasion as Karan’s wife is returning today. Daljeet readily agrees and ends the call. She then confides in Shanaya, urging her to contact a reporter to announce Shaurya’s wedding at the Luthra house today. Shanaya follows through by calling a reporter for a motive.


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