Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Update Vivek to die

Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Update Vivek to die

Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Update Vivek to die. Kriti’s jealousy towards Aradhna causes a scene, leading to an argument between Jai and Kriti. Fed up with her blackmailing, Jai breaks off their wedding. Wanting clarification, Reyansh asks Jai about his actions. Despite Jai admitting his feelings for Aradhna, Reyansh dismisses it as another one of her tactics to make him jealous. On the flip side, an enraged Kriti shares a video of Jai confessing his love for Aradhna with Malini. She then manipulates Malini, making her believe that Aradhna is pursuing both Reyansh and Jai.

When Malini catches Aradhna and Jai together, she immediately drags Aradhna away with her. Taking Aradhna to Beena’s house, Malini implores her to leave the city. She holds Aradhna responsible for the devastation of Kimaya and Kriti’s lives. However, Bhakti’s arrival shocks Malini as she discloses that Aradhna is actually Malini’s abandoned daughter.


Ahead in the show, Vivek confronts Reyansh about ruining Aradhna and Kimaya’s lives because he wants revenge on Viren since the latter caused Vivek’s suffering. Vivek blames himself that Reyansh is ruining the lives of two girls, Aradhna and Kimaya, and also of his self. He doesn’t want to become a reason for the destruction of his children. He says that he will end his life which is far better than watching Reyansh do wrong. He jumps off the bridge and falls into the waters, after pushing a drunk Reyansh away. Reyansh is in shock seeing Vivek’s suicide attempt. Reyansh shouts to Vivek and jumps into the water as well to save him. As Reyansh searches for Vivek in the water, Aradhna arrives there and realizes what has happened. She is shocked to see Reyansh and Vivek in the water. Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 8th November 2023.

Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Update Vivek to die:

Malini becomes emotional upon learning that Aradhna is actually her long-lost daughter, given to Bhakti. She showers Aradhna with kisses and hugs as the latter sheds tears. Malini questions Bhakti’s decision to keep this truth hidden and wonders why Reyansh spoke poorly of Aradhna. Bhakti explains that Reyansh was driven by hatred due to Kadambari’s love for someone else. To Malini’s surprise, Bhakti reveals that Kadambari loved Viren, leading to Reyansh’s desire for revenge through his marriage to Kimaya. As the pieces start falling into place, Malini realizes the extent of Aradhna’s sacrifice to stop Reyansh.

Upon hearing this, Malini apologizes for her harsh words towards Aradhna and finds solace in Aradhna calling her “mom”. Overwhelmed with emotion, Aradhna assures Malini that she knows Reyansh better and they must save her sister, Kimaya, from his clutches before it’s too late. Reyansh and Aradhna coincidentally cross paths. He urges her to slow down and takes a dig at her. In response, she confidently declares that Kimaya will not marry him and she emerges victorious. Malini glances at the preparations for the wedding and recollects the conversations she had with Aradhna and Bhakti.

Reyansh heads to Kimaya’s room to see her, but she rejects his visit, claiming it brings misfortune. Aradhna attempts to reason with Kimaya and suggests speaking to Malini about it. However, Kimaya refuses to listen and firmly shuts the door, refusing to open it until her wedding time. In the meantime, Reyansh speaks with the person who was blackmailing Viren and reassures him that he is soon going to be Viren’s son-in-law, signaling tough times ahead for him. Viren catches sight of Malini and realizes she knows about his past. Upset, she confronts him for keeping it hidden, despite their family being affected.

Meanwhile, Reyansh is drinking alcohol when Vivek joins him. He accuses Reyansh of seeking revenge on Viren by causing him pain. Vivek then reveals that he married a woman who cannot love him, while Reyansh is about to marry someone he cannot love. Wanting to change the topic, Vivek convinces Reyansh to accompany him somewhere. At this point, Viren pleads with Malini to stop the wedding between Reyansh and Kimaya. However, Malini refuses, explaining that canceling the wedding would break Kimaya’s heart and that proceeding with it would ruin her life. She places the blame on Viren for putting them in such a difficult situation.

Vivek expresses his feelings to Reyansh about their failure to provide a good upbringing, leading to Reyansh’s desire to harm someone. Aradhna decides to confront Vivek and sets out to find him. After tracking Reyansh’s phone, she discovers that both Vivek and Reyansh are missing. Reyansh accuses Kadambari, while Vivek takes full responsibility and even suggests punishing himself. He even goes as far as saying he should die, despite Reyansh’s attempts to stop him.

Vivek leaps into the river, followed by Reyansh who jumps in to save him. Shortly after, Aradhna arrives on the scene and also plunges into the water. As Reyansh frantically searches for Vivek, Aradhna calls out to him while swimming towards him. Once they are united, Aradhna urges Reyansh to exit the water due to his intoxicated state. However, upon spotting Vivek in need of help, Aradhna disregards her safety and dives in once again. She successfully pulls Vivek out of the river but unfortunately, her efforts are in vain as he tragically succumbs.


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