Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2023 Written Update Purvi’s story

Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2023 Written Update Purvi's story

Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2023 Written Update Purvi’s story. Prachi converses with the seller, enthusiastically mentioning that the dupatta would suit Purvi perfectly. Meanwhile, Purvi diligently assists her household members, while Vishaka reprimands her for completing tasks at the last minute. With a smile, Purvi explains that she is currently managing all responsibilities and lending a helping hand to everyone. Following the conclusion of the pooja, Purva grabs her bag and announces to Vishaka and Manpreet that she needs to hurry for school. At another meeting in a nearby office building, employees anxiously wait for their head Rajvansh to enter the room.

As he arrives and begins berating them for their poor work, his brother attempts to interject but is met with Rajvansh’s sharp scolding for neglecting the wellbeing of his co-workers and disregarding their hectic work schedule. Purvi reminds Vishaka that their catering business operates under the name Kumkum Bhagya and they should prioritize its reputation. From his car, Rajvansh notices Purvi. Prachi assists Purvi in her work. Purvi is seen handling the entire household responsibly.


Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2023 Written Update Purvi’s story:

Purvi is seen, just as Prachi’s reflection. Prachi is proud of her daughter. Purvi spreads smiles around and also shows her helpful nature. Manpreet enlists Purvi’s help, who quickly procures some oil and assures everyone that it will never run out as long as she is around. Prachi compliments Ashok on how well the dupatta suits Purvi. Ashok agrees, just as the cook asks for something from Purvi. However, Manpreet reminds her that she was hired to cook and should stay put. The group then proceeds to perform a puja, but their attention is interrupted by someone calling for Purvi.

Manpreet gives her permission to leave, and Vishaka asks Divya to seek blessings for her daughter and requests Purvi’s assistance in selecting bangles. Prachi and Ashok arrive, and Vishaka questions Ashok about bringing Ganapati and Lakshmi Ji’s impression on an object. Prachi chimes in that they have brought a large vessel with them. Purvi also mentions Manpreet’s belief that silver or copper utensils bring good luck to Dhanteras and admits that it has been a significant contributor to the success of their Kumkum Bhagya catering business. Purvi wants to make the catering business a huge success.

Vishaka says that she wants the Ganpati and Lakshmi’s pictures at any cost. Prachi says that everything will be fine. She signs Purvi to show something to Vishaka. Purvi shows the Ganpati and Lakshmi’s impressions made on the big vessel. Vishaka wants a new coin on the auspicious day. Manpreet says that they should focus on work first. She doesn’t want Prachi to leave Purvi alone. Purvi runs to help the cook. Manpreet and Prachi praise Purvi. They talk about Divya’s daughter Riya. Prachi asks Riya to always smile. Riya calls Prachi the best for always supporting her. Manpreet says that Prachi has handled the family well after Akshay and Mihika left them. Ashok calls Prachi his daughter. Vishaka says that they shifted to Mumbai from Delhi because of Prachi. Ashok gives credit to Prachi for giving them a new life. Manpreet says that they had lost everything and then Prachi handled them. Ashok calls Purvi just like Prachi.

Purvi asks Prachi to taste the food and put her magic in it. Prachi gives tips to the cook. She says that Khushi’s Sasural is going to come and they shouldn’t have any complaints. She talks about her mother, Pragya, who used to make the best Besan laddoos. She says that Sarla used to run the Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. She asks Purvi to call Khushi and ask her where is she. Purvi says that Khushi needs time to come from Sasural. She goes to help the workers. Khushi arrives. Purvi is surprised to see her. The sisters have a fun moment. Ashok tries to help Prachi in her work.

Riya says that Purvi will forget her when Khushi comes. The girls run all over the house. Manpreet tells Prachi that it was Khushi’s mistake, but Purvi apologizes on her behalf. She compares both girls. Prachi also apologizes on Khushi’s behalf. Khushi defends herself. She hugs Vishaka. Manpreet says that Khushi must help the family. Khushi says that she is also helping them. Manpreet lectures her. Vishaka says that Khushi isn’t middle-class, she lives in a big family, so she has to maintain her standards. Khushi says that her Sasural gave the big catering order to them on her word. She counts her favor. Vishaka supports Khushi.

Khushi says that she would have given the order to some other caterer instead. Manpreet scolds Khushi. She takes a stand for her self-respect. She says that Prachi is innocent. She praises Prachi who puts much effort into keeping Khushi happy. Khushi and Manpreet get into a big argument. Khushi angrily leaves. Vishaka and Purvi worry for Khushi. Purvi cheers up Prachi. Manpreet tells Ashok that Khushi’s thinking has changed after she got married to a big family. Prachi feels she couldn’t give the right upbringing to Khushi, who values money more than relationships.

Vishaka and Purvi pacify a sobbing Khushi. Purvi says that Prachi isn’t wrong on her stand. Khushi smiles. Vishaka and Divya say that Purvi loves Khushi and Prachi a lot. Vishaka loves Khushi because she sees Akshay and Mihika in her. Prachi faces a new trouble. A man gets the bad news that their food stall contract got canceled. He informs them about the big loss. Manpreet worries about the advance payments made. Prachi asks her not to worry. Khushi makes a call to find out the issue. She says that the rules have changed, and they can’t put the food stall. She informs about RV food corporations getting the food stall contracts. She adds that even her Sasural can’t help them.

Manpreet asks what will they do now. Ashok feels stressed. Prachi asks him not to take tension. Prachi finds a way to sell the sweets and food that is already prepared. Purvi says that she will go and meet RV because they have the catering order ready. Prachi prays. Rajvansh is seen busy in a business presentation. He lectures the manager. He says that he wants his company to become number one. He learns about some ladies coming to argue with him for their loss. He is shocked to hear about Kumkum Bhagya catering company. Vishaka and Purvi ask the receptionist to call RV. The manager asks Vishaka to calm down. Purvi says that the meeting will be beneficial for RV as well. Rajvansh reaches downstairs at the reception.


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