Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2023 Written Update Special twists

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2023 Written Update Special twists

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2023 Written Update Special twists. Sandy inquires Shaurya if he is upset about his mother’s absence and departure. Shaurya explains that his mother does not love him, evident from her abandonment when he was a baby. He adds that she only cares for her other son, so he holds no feelings towards her. Meanwhile, Rajveer bumps into Kritika and greets Rishabh on Diwali. Rakhi asks why he did not extend the same wish to her. He then proceeds to greet the Luthra ladies. Kritika brings Shaurya to the group and Karan presents them with two jackets, mentioning that they were bought specifically for them as a fatherly gesture. Rajveer’s emotions take over and he starts to cry.

Mahesh inquires about the reason behind Rajveer’s tears. Rajveer confides in him, revealing that his father was absent during his childhood. Rishabh reminds Rajveer that he now has a loving family. Karan reassures Rajveer, sharing that he sees himself as a paternal figure to him and embraces him. This sight angers Nidhi. Meanwhile, Gurpreet presents Preeta with a saree that she had bought for her. Preeta politely declines, mentioning that she will save it for another day. However, Gurpreet convinces her to wear the saree and go to the hospital instead of staying home alone on Diwali.


Preeta agrees and goes off to get ready while Mohit informs Gurpreet of the Lakshmi puja time. Daljeet urges Shanaya and Palki to dress quickly, not wanting to miss the party. Eventually, they all arrive at Luthra’s house. Daljeet mentions that she will be joining this household for good very soon. She greets Rakhi and Rishabh and extends her Diwali wishes to them. Rakhi instructs Girish to call Rajveer for the puja, mentioning that he is getting ready in the guest room. Palki overhears this conversation. Shaurya questions Rajveer about his tight jacket, to which Rajveer confirms.

Shaurya kindly offers to switch jackets with him so they both can feel more comfortable. Confused, Rajveer asks why Shaurya is being so considerate. Shaurya simply states that he’s just being nice. However, Rajveer suspects that Shaurya may have some ulterior motives in his actions. Shaurya hands Rajveer’s jacket to Sandy and instructs him to take care of it. In response, Sandy expresses concern that Rajveer could potentially lose his life. However, Shaurya dismisses this idea, stating that he is not bothered by such potential consequences. Sandy then takes the jacket and Shaurya thinks to himself that Rajveer does not deserve to wear expensive clothing.

He expresses gratitude towards Nidhi for providing her contact information. Meanwhile, Preeta gets ready and notices Nidhi’s bracelet, causing her to feel upset. She eventually leaves the house while Karan asks Rajveer about the jacket’s whereabouts. Shaurya reveals that he took it to a tailor for alterations. As the puja begins, Karan hopes for Preeta’s return. Sure enough, she arrives at the house and looks for Nidhi before performing the aarti. Karan observes these actions before Preeta departs once again.


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