Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2023 Written Update Preeta confronts

Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2023 Written Update Preeta confronts

Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2023 Written Update Preeta confronts Nidhi. Palki assists Girish with his work, while Daljeet reprimands her for doing so. She explains that she will only agree to their marriage when Rakhi asks for Shanaya’s hand in marriage for Shaurya. Palki questions whether she believes Shaurya is the right choice for Shanaya. Daljeet urges her not to marry Rajveer when Rakhi announces their engagement, stating that she wants Palki to marry a wealthy man instead. Nidhi enters the room and Daljeet greets her with a happy Diwali, calling her “behen ji”. This angers Nidhi, and she scolds Daljeet. Palki reminds Nidhi not to speak rudely to Daljeet, but Nidhi is shocked to see Preeta there and leaves, pushing Palki out of the way.

Rajveer catches Palki as she falls and Shaurya tells him to let go of her hand. He then berates Palki for constantly stumbling and walks away. Meanwhile, Karan searches for Preeta. The tailor informs Shaurya that he has put gunpowder in the jacket. He advises him to be cautious and not wear the wrong one as both jackets might look identical. Meanwhile, four escaped goons hop into Sandy’s car and make their way to the Luthra house. There, Preeta confronts Nidhi about a bracelet she found, accusing her of stealing it.


Nidhi defends herself by showing that she was at a birthday party during the time it went missing and even has a similar design bracelet as proof. However, Preeta remains doubtful and warns her sternly. Elsewhere, Rajveer mentions Shanaya and Shaurya to Kavya which causes Palki to mistake them for their names, leading her to leave in anger. Rajveer follows her and stops her just as Shaurya spots them together. Rajveer and Palki have a moment. Shaurya gets jealous seeing them. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2023 Written Update Preeta confronts:

Rajveer and Palki share an intense gaze, causing Shaurya to become agitated. He attempts to reach Sandy but receives no response. Venting his frustration to his friend Amy, he divulges his plan. Meanwhile, Karan looks for Preeta but becomes annoyed and decides to stop searching. He announces that if Preeta wants him, she should come to him instead. As he slips on a wet floor and cries out in pain, Preeta overhears and rushes to help him. In the process of assisting him, she accidentally falls on top of him, and a curtain falls over them. Karan smiles at her, leaving her puzzled as she exits the scene. He follows after her.

Sandy and his goons enter the Luthra house, where Goon inquires why Shaurya keeps calling Sandy. After sharing all the details, Goon suggests they spend the night there. Meanwhile, Rajveer apologizes to Palki, who also apologizes for her reaction earlier due to her bad day. Palki clarifies that she overreacted and assures Rajveer it was nothing serious. He asks about her anger, to which she responds that it is not about him. Rajveer explains that he told Kavya everything about Shaurya and Shanaya, so it has nothing to do with him or Palki. He insists that he spoke from the heart and leaves, wondering why he always gets nervous around Palki. In a casual conversation, Shanaya chats with Mahesh and Rishabh.

The latter then inquires about who invited Amy to the party. Shaurya jumps in, praising his friends as good people. Rishabh expresses concern for Shaurya, stating that his friends may not be of the same caliber. Amy disagrees, knowing Shaurya well, and is even about to greet Shanaya with a handshake. However, Rishabh halts her, pointing out that Shanaya is Shaurya’s future wife. This causes Shanaya to blush and exit the scene. While Shaurya defends his friends, he spots Sandy and excuses himself. Overhearing their conversation, Daljeet compliments Rakhi on the fantastic party and adds that she has never been to such a lively Diwali celebration before.

She reminds Rakhi that today was supposed to be the day they announced Shanaya and Shaurya’s marriage plan. Rakhi reaffirms this but admits that she is eagerly awaiting her daughter-in-law’s arrival. Suddenly spotting Preeta in the crowd brings immense joy to her face, much like Kritika’s when she also sees Preeta. Frustrated by Nidhi’s room for forgetting her phone. Daljeet compliments Rakhi on the amazing party. She mentions that she has never been to such a wonderful Diwali celebration. Rakhi then remembers that it was her idea to announce Shanaya and Shaurya’s marriage tonight. She eagerly waits for her future daughter-in-law to arrive. When she sees Preeta, her face lights up with joy.

Kritika also notices Preeta’s presence. However, Preeta suddenly recalls that she left her phone in Nidhi’s room and quickly goes back inside. This makes Rakhi wonder where Preeta disappeared. Shaurya inquires about goons from Sandy. Lying, Sandy claims they are his friends and hands over the jackets to Shaurya. Meanwhile, Palki discovers that Shailendra has fallen ill and decides to head home. She informs Daljeet, who is pleased as Palki’s absence could delay the announcement of Rajveer and Palki’s marriage. Before leaving, Palki assures Rajveer that she will return soon. Kavya is disappointed by Varun’s absence, but Rajveer comforts her. Later on, Shaurya arrives with the jackets as planned by Sandy earlier. Meanwhile, the goons are plotting to rob the Luthra house, and Preeta overhears their plan.


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