Barsatein 9th November 2023 Written Update Kimaya dies

Barsatein 9th November 2023 Written Update Kimaya dies

Barsatein 9th November 2023 Written Update Kimaya dies. Aradhna desperately attempts to revive Vivek, reminding him that Reyansh depends on him and loves him dearly. She has strong feelings for Reyansh and can’t bear the thought of him losing Vivek. Tearfully, she pleads for Vivek to wake up as he finally coughs and regains consciousness. A relieved Aradhna holds his hand while Reyansh stands up, recalling Vivek’s words. As he witnesses Aradhna assisting Vivek to stand, memories of her trying to stop him flood back. With these recollections in mind, he walks away. Viren inquires about Reyansh’s whereabouts and whether it is a part of his plan.

Apologizing, Kadambari admits that she does not know where Vivek and Reyansh are. Malini witnesses their conversation and joins them, urging them to handle the situation with Kimaya without causing a scene by standing together. While Kuku tries to persuade Kimaya to open her room door, she refuses until Reyansh returns. Malini suggests finding a solution instead of creating a disturbance in front of the video. She asks Viren to focus on helping Kimaya first. In the meantime, Kriti informs Malini that both Aradhna and Reyansh are missing. Concerned, Malini decides to call Aradhna. Elsewhere, Aradhna confronts Vivek about his suicide attempt. Blaming himself for Reyansh’s revenge game, Vivek promises not to harm himself again after Aradhna points out that it will also hurt Reyansh.


Suddenly, they hear the sound of Reyansh driving off. Worried about Kimaya’s safety with him, Vivek begs Aradhna to save her from Reyansh. Viren loses his temper and berates the guests upon overhearing their mockery of Kimaya’s canceled wedding. Malini steps in to soothe Viren’s anger. He expresses concern for Kimaya, fearing her heart will once again be broken. Malini shares that Aradhna is not responding to her calls and decides to contact someone else for an update. While on the way, Aradhna and Vivek discuss how to handle Reyansh. Vivek is anxious about what awaits them ahead. Just as Reyansh arrives home, he heads straight for Kimaya despite Viren and Malini’s attempts to stop him.

Reyansh admits to using Kimaya in his revenge plot, apologizing for his actions. He admires her good heart and assures her she deserves a loving life partner. Kimaya is overcome with emotion and cries. Reyansh offers another heartfelt apology, revealing that he loves Aradhna but chose her over him to protect her from him due to her being Malini’s eldest daughter and her sister. Reyansh apologizes to Kimaya for being unable to marry her, explaining that he believes she deserves someone better. Amid their conversation, Aradhna and Vivek return home and inquire about Reyansh’s whereabouts. Malini informs them that he is speaking with Kimaya. Aradhna expresses concern over what Reyansh, who is currently upset, may say to Kimaya.

Suddenly, Kimaya confesses her love for Reyansh and collapses, surprising him. He calls out for help and the rest of the family rushes upstairs upon hearing his cries. They are all shocked to find Kimaya unconscious and Aradhna checks her pulse, shaking her head in disbelief. Malini demands answers from Reyansh about what happened to Kimaya as she and her sisters break down in tears while comforting their sister. Reyansh insists that he is innocent, but Aradhna slaps him and accuses him of causing Kimaya’s death in his pursuit of revenge. Despite his repeated denial, Kadambari suggests they bring Kimaya to the hospital. In a panic, they rush her there while Reyansh heads to the police station to turn himself in for killing Viren Khanna’s daughter.

The inspector is taken aback and has Reyansh sit down as he reviews the postmortem report. After seeing evidence from the CCTV footage that an ambulance was already present before Reyansh arrived and that Kimaya had taken sleeping pills before their meeting, the inspector confronts Reyansh with this information. According to the inspector, Kimaya’s death was a suicide and Reyansh is innocent. However, when Aradhna arrives, she immediately blames Reyansh. She then receives a message about Kimaya’s last rites and sternly warns him not to attend them because, in her opinion, he was responsible for her death. As the last rites begin, Aradhna shouts at Reyansh and demands that he leave. In response, Reyansh vows to uncover who revealed the truth to Kimaya before him and storms off to speak with Kriti.


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