GHKKPM 9th November 2023 Written Update Surprise

GHKKPM 9th November 2023 Written Update Surprise

GHKKPM 9th November 2023 Written Update Surprise. Savi shares her desire to introduce Ashwini to Ishaan, prompting him to request that she wait a moment. Just then, Prateek appears with Ishaan’s gift, leading him to present it just as Bajirao arrives and presents his gift to Savi. Everyone admires the thoughtful present, except for Ishaan who is visibly upset. After thanking Bajirao for his lovely gift, Savi places it down and bids farewell to Ishaan. Shantanu notices Ishaan leaving and Savi expresses her gratitude to Bajirao for throwing such a wonderful surprise party for her. However, she soon learns that the party was not Bajirao’s idea – he was invited by Shantanu.

This revelation leaves Savi wondering who was behind the planning of her birthday celebration. Reeva’s mother reprimands her for failing her first semester exams, citing her infatuation with Ishaan as the reason for getting her admission canceled. Reeva expresses her excitement about going back to India with her mother, and shares that she is eager to reunite with Ishaan. However, Ayush believes the party will pose a challenge for college students. Nishikant agrees with Ayush and decides to seek guidance from Shukla, the mastermind behind the event.


Nishikant skillfully manipulates Shukla into revealing that Savi’s birthday party was planned by Ishaan. This discovery angers Ishaan, who storms off while Prateek tries to calm him down. At the party, Isha inquires about Shantanu’s whereabouts from Shantanu. He then suggests that she stay for a few days as he has to leave for Ramtek soon. Despite Isha recently receiving a one-day leave, she disagrees when her college principal calls her. The call is regarding Isha’s transfer to Pune. She questions how this is possible without her application, but the principal congratulates her and requests that she report to Pune the following day.

Agreeing, Isha mentions that she is already in Pune before ending the call. However, she wonders where she will stay. To help Isha’s situation, Shantanu offers her to stay at his home, which she agrees to. Later, Shantanu expresses gratitude to his friend for transferring Isha to Pune, and his friend reassures him not to worry as Isha deserves it. Harini and Ashwini bid Savi farewell when she asks them to stay, but they decline due to exhaustion. In another corner, Isha approaches Nishikant for a conversation. However, he quickly informs her about the rumors surrounding Savi and Ishaan. Disgusted by Shantanu’s revelation that others believe she is trying to get close to Ishaan through Savi, Isha is reminded that Ishaan doesn’t even speak to her. Meanwhile, at a nearby table, Savi’s friends are busy chatting as she ponders over who could have organized the party in Bajirao’s absence.


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