Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir returns

Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir returns

Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir returns. As Prachi watches Ashok place the Mangalsutra around Manpreet’s neck and assist her in getting dressed, her mind wanders to Ranbir. She quietly steps aside, overcome with emotion. Meanwhile, Manpreet voices her disapproval to Ashok for performing such a public display in front of Prachi. Ashok reassures her that Prachi is resilient. However, Manpreet reminds him that even the strongest individuals can feel lonely after losing someone they love, like Ranbir. Prachi gazes at Ranbir’s photo, daydreaming about him appearing with a Mangalsutra in hand.

As Ranbir helps her sit in front of the mirror and gently places the Mangalsutra around her neck, tears well up in Prachi’s eyes. Caring for her, Ranbir wipes away her tears, and she finds comfort in his touch as she holds his hand. Rajvansh attempts to negotiate with a business client, but Mr. Krishna Kakkar, in their video call, bursts into laughter at him. Rajvansh then urges Mr. Krishna Kakkar to join the conversation if he truly wishes to pursue this deal. However, the client intervenes and advises Rajvansh against speaking to Mr. Krishna Kakkar in such a manner. Krishna doesn’t seem to have any objections.


It is revealed that Mr. Kakkar is actually Ranbir. Prachi hopes for Ranbir’s survival, and yes, he is alive. Ranbir is seen in a slightly old look, yet looking very handsome like before. Krishna tells Rajvansh that catching small fish takes a considerable amount of time and effort, which he lacks at the moment. Purvi’s fiancĂ© arrives late and apologizes to Prachi’s family. Upon learning that Rajvansh will also be attending the event, Purvi tries to catch a glimpse of him. With Ranbir’s entry, the show gets back the interest of Pranbir fans. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir returns:

Prachi remembers the moment when Vishaka received a call about Ranbir’s fatal accident. Prachi and Ashok quickly made their way to the location, where they found the police officers bringing in the deceased body. Upon examining the body, they discovered a pendant necklace and a wallet. Prachi carefully opened the pendant and saw a picture of Khushi inside. Just as she was about to see the face of the dead body, the Inspector informed her that it was severely damaged and not visible. This news caused Prachi to burst into tears. Her flashback ended with her confessing her undying love for Ranbir, saying she would have joined him if not for the children under her care. Purvi arrived at that moment, reminding Prachi that they were getting late and asking if everything was alright. Prachi reassured her that it was.

Krishna inquires about the topic of conversation between them, to which Rajvansh responds by mentioning that Krishna’s age has caught up with him and it is now their time to shine. However, Krishna quickly reminds Rajvansh of his company’s vast reach, spanning over two hundred branches across India. He then mentions that the production from his company alone is equivalent to a year’s worth of work. Some of the smaller branches produce this much output in just one month.

Krishna asks Rajvansh if he remembers the disparity in their available resources. He then informs Robert that he wants Rajvansh to oversee the launch of his business in India. Puzzled, Rajvansh questions Krishna’s decision. In response, Krishna explains that he believes Rajvansh is not capable of successfully launching the business and it will fail. Moreover, he plans to lure Robert back to him after the business fails and charge him twice the original price. This statement sparks a disagreement from Rajvansh, but Robert intervenes and suggests consulting with the CEO before making a final decision.

Krishna enlists his assistant to secure a ticket to Mumbai, anticipating challenging competition from Rajvansh for the contract. In the presence of Rajvansh, one of his friends commends Krishna. However, Rajvansh declares his intention to outbid Krishna and give him a lesson in return. He then instructs his friend to move the tempo so that their car can enter. The friend, in turn, asks Purvi to move the tempo. Realizing they need help with carrying the boxes, Purvi turns to Rajvansh’s friend who willingly assists her and Riya.

Purvi requests the driver to move the tempo. Rajvansh then parks his car as the tempo moves aside. Riya and Purvi express their gratitude to Rajvansh’s friend for helping them, who then teases Riya before leaving. Ashutosh arrives at Prachi’s family gathering and apologizes for being late. He is playfully mocked by Riya, who jokes about him having a lot of work to do. Meanwhile, Prachi sets up their stall. Later on, Riya notices Rajvansh performing the ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside the event organizer before they both leave. Jassi/Jasbir makes an appearance with his companions, causing Riya to feel frightened and informing Purvi of his presence.

Jassi notices the ribbon cutting being completed and orders his men to bring the event organizer to him. He plans to give the organizer a lesson. Ashutosh lends a hand in helping Purvi’s family set up their stall. Manpreet playfully scolds Visakha for eating too much while sampling food. The Pandit and organizer are later brought before Jassi, who inquires about the catering company responsible for the event. The organizer reveals it is the Kumkum Bhagya catering company, which triggers Jassi’s memory of being slapped by Purvi after he behaved rudely towards her.


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