Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2023 Written Update Purvi RV first meet

Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2023 Written Update Purvi RV first meet

Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2023 Written Update Purvi RV first meet. A member of Prachi’s staff approaches her with news of a major problem – they have been denied the opportunity to put up their stall. Prachi immediately considers the potential loss that this could cause. Meanwhile, Khushi learns from her in-laws that they have lost a contract. Purvi, coming up with a solution, suggests that they speak to RV Corporation as they may be looking for someone to handle catering, and their family is already prepared for such an opportunity. Ashok agrees and asks Vishaka to accompany him.

Amid a meeting, Rajvansh’s staff presents an analysis on why their rival company is outperforming them. Frustrated, Rajvansh demands that his team do better. Suddenly, he is informed that two women are seeking a meeting with him because they believe they lost the contract due to his company’s actions. At the office reception, Vishaka stands her ground as she insists on speaking directly with the boss.


Rajvansh helps Purvi by giving them the catering order. Prachi and Purvi’s hardwork gets saved. Purvi’s dupatta comes in Rajvansh’s hand. He turns to see her. She thanks Bappa for sending help to her in the form of RV, the owner of RV corporations. She tells that RV has helped her a lot. She tells that Bappa has fixed everything. She adds that RV doesn’t know that he has helped her unknowingly, he is a good person and should be blessed. She asks Bappa to bless RV. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2023 Written Update Purvi RV first meet:

Vishaka and Purvi inform the manager that they would like to meet with RV. However, he informs them that RV is not currently present in the office. Undeterred, Vishaka politely requests him to call RV for a meeting regarding their catering business. Despite their persistence, they are eventually asked to leave the office. Just as they are about to exit, RV himself arrives, only to hear some negative remarks being made against him. The manager vaguely mentions a group of ladies who had come by earlier. Taking advantage of the situation, RV expresses his desire for more publicity.

Outside on the street, Vishaka expresses her frustration with the people at the office and notes that their food bag has also been taken away unfairly. As they continue walking, she notices a woman who was also there for a business meeting. Meanwhile, Purvi’s attention is drawn towards a young boy nearby. While talking on his phone, RV instructs his driver to turn up the AC in his car. But just as Purvi spots the boy in danger of being hit by the car, she quickly rushes over and pushes him out of harm’s way. In response, Vishaka yells out Purvi’s name in concern while holding onto her arm tightly.

Purvi and RV come across each other. Purvi wipes the mud from RV’s car window as Vishaka dials her number. As she turns, her dupatta falls on RV, prompting Vishaka to ask why she cleaned his car. The grateful lady expresses her gratitude to Purvi for saving her son and promises to never forget her kindness. In response, Purvi brushes it off and simply asks the woman to take care of her son. Unbeknownst to them, RV overhears their conversation before the driver takes off. Later, Vishaka warns Purvi about RV’s character and shares that he didn’t come when she called him and was also cursed by her.

They make their way back home where Manpreet and Prachi reveal that they received a call from RV’s manager who returned the order to them. Ashok adds that the manager mentioned an old lady scolding them until Prachi informs everyone that the manager had sampled Purvi’s food left behind at the event. Praising Purvi for possessing all of Prachi’s qualities, Manpreet encourages her to thank God in the in-house temple before asking for blessings for RV’s manager as well. While handling the plates, Prachi accidentally injures herself. Her friend, Purvi, quickly comes over to assist her with first aid.

As Purvi tends to her wound, Prachi is reminded of how caring Ranbir was in a similar situation, applying ointment despite the burning sensation and reassuring her it was necessary. Purvi echoes the same sentiment and proceeds to bandage Prachi’s finger. Just as she is about to leave, Purvi lovingly kisses Prachi on the cheek and assures her she will take care of loading everything up. However, Prachi hesitates, recalling how Ranbir would always do the same gesture and stops Purvi. Overcome with emotion, Prachi realizes that although Ranbir is not physically there with her, his daughter possesses the same kindness and warmth as him. She embraces Purvi tightly before offering to help with the loading. Observing this exchange, Purvi understands that RV enjoys playful banter between them. Ashok ensures that Manpreet wears the nuptial chain before Prachi leaves. As she watches them, Manpreet picks up on Prachi’s feelings of sadness. Prachi heads out to complete her errands, her thoughts consumed by memories of Ranbir. Inquisitive, Manpreet questions Ashok about his actions in front of Prachi. Confused, he asks for clarification. Manpreet explains that she noticed Prachi’s loneliness since Ranbir’s departure. This realization saddens Ashok as well. Meanwhile, Prachi retrieves her Mangalsutra of Ranbir’s name from its box and yearns for Ranbir to be with her again. Lost in thought, she imagines him arriving and placing the Mangalsutra on her neck with tenderness.

As he wipes away her tears and holds her hands, Prachi finds comfort in his presence and closes her eyes with a smile on her face. RV introduces himself to the client and explains why RV Corp is the top choice. Meanwhile, there is someone in the background who appears to be having a good time on the video call. Despite RV’s serious demeanor, it seems like Mr. Kakkar is not taking work seriously as he is absent from the call. The camera pans to show Ranbir, aka Mr. Kakkar, who Robert informs RV is not pleased with being insulted. However, when Krishna asks RV what was said about him, he brushes off the incident and Prachi expresses a desire for Ranbir’s existence to become a reality, despite knowing it may be impossible now that he has passed away.


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