YRKKH 9th November 2023 Written Update Armaan falls for Ruhi

YRKKH 9th November 2023 Written Update Armaan falls for Ruhi

YRKKH 9th November 2023 Written Update Armaan falls for Ruhi. Asking for blessings from Manish, Abhira explains that she does not have any elder figures in her home. Therefore, whenever she meets someone, she makes sure to seek their blessings. On the other hand, Armaan enjoys practicing archery with his uncle. During one session, his uncle asks him to add the cost of a broken windshield to the bill. However, Armaan’s uncle advises them to let it go and not be petty about it. While Kajal’s husband insists on teaching the other party a lesson, Armaan politely excuses himself from the conversation. In the meantime, Sanjay receives a new case and asks his brother-in-law for his opinion on taking it.

His brother-in-law suggests that even a small case could bring great publicity and a good fee if the client is influential enough. Vidya brings a cup of tea and some hand cream to Dadi, who happily praises her for taking good care of her. Dadi then asks Manisha and Kajal to leave the room so she can have a private conversation with Vidya. Manisha complains to Kajal about Dadi’s favoritism towards Vidya, despite their husbands being the ones running the family business. Kajal advises her not to dwell on such things as it will only bring unhappiness.


Meanwhile, Armaan approaches Vidya and Dadi to ask if they need anything, but Dadi takes the opportunity to express her frustration with Abhira causing tension in the family. In the midst of all this, Rohit calls Dadi, much to her delight, and she tells him how much she misses him. Vidya also expresses her love for Rohit, who then mentions feeling left out for not being able to celebrate his birthday with them. Later on, Rohit pulls Armaan aside for a private conversation about something important. Though Dadi is not pleased with their friendship, she remains quiet about it.

Rohit encourages Armaan to seize the opportunity and find his soulmate. However, Armaan brushes it off, comparing it to eating lunch. Rohit reminds him that all he needs is the intention and the universe will take care of the rest. In an unfortunate turn of events, Armaan’s call gets disconnected as he stumbles on a stone. Meanwhile, Ruhi is discussing the significance of family with a client when she almost falls off a cliff due to her foot slipping. Armaan comes to her rescue and assures her that he won’t let go of her hand. As they stand close together, Ruhi collides with his chest and time seems to stand still for a moment. Grateful for being saved, Ruhi thanks Armaan while someone calls out to her.

As Armaan takes in Ruhi’s name, she glances at him before departing. Later on, Ruhi visits Manish and Swarna’s room, where they reprimand her for referring to her great-Dadi. She lends a helping hand with the unpacking and administers medicine to Manish, while Swarna commends her for putting their needs above her own. Meanwhile, the hotel staff delivers a gift hamper, prompting Ruhi to check on Surekha. As Manish spots the jar of jam in the hamper, memories of Akshara fill him with sadness. However, Swarna reminds him that they are here to celebrate his birthday and there is no room for sorrow. Her words bring Manish out of his melancholic state as he acknowledges that with a daughter like Ruhi, there is no space for sadness – she means everything to them.

Abhira kindly offers an additional towel to Armaan and suppresses her frustration when he asks for some alone time. Later, Ruhi accidentally enters his room thinking it is hers while he is fresh out of the shower. They both end up at the reception discussing the room situation. Just then, Abhira arrives and becomes concerned upon seeing Armaan again. Meanwhile, Armaan suggests that Ruhi keep the room and he will find another option, but Ruhi insists that he keep the room as she will make other arrangements with her family.


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