Barsatein 10th November 2023 Written Update Reyansh exposes Kriti

Barsatein 10th November 2023 Written Update Reyansh exposes Kriti

Barsatein 10th November 2023 Written Update Reyansh exposes Kriti. Major revelations post-Kimaya’s last rites are to be seen in today’s episode. As Reyansh stands in front of Aradhana, she lashes out at him, blaming him for the death of Kimaya. He struggles to control his emotions, feeling both disheartened and guilty about the tragic loss. Despite this, Aradhana continues to accuse him of causing Kimaya’s death through mental torture and trauma. She is heartbroken at the thought of Malini’s current condition and angrily calls Reyansh evil. Just as he gathers the courage to defend himself, Aradhana cuts him off, telling him not to speak as she sees him as a blind seeker of revenge, consumed by inner fire. Although he holds these accusations silently, deep down Reyansh feels the weight of guilt for what has happened.

Aradhana and Reyansh are both emotional as they discuss the loss of Kimaya, with Aradhana crying and Reyansh holding back his tears. The inspector assures them that they will take their matter seriously and find the culprit soon. Aradhana urges the inspector to arrest Reyansh, prompting the inspector to remind her that they cannot arrest without evidence. Fuming with anger, Aradhana storms out of the police station, vowing to ensure Reyansh pays for his crime of killing her sister. Meanwhile, Reyansh remains despondent at the police station, requesting that the investigation be initiated immediately as he cannot bear the weight of his guilt any longer.


The inspector assures him to stay calm and informs him that they will head to the Khanna mansion tomorrow morning to review the CCTV footage. The following day, tears flow freely as the family leaves for Kimaya’s final journey, while Reyansh stands by the door. Later on, during her cremation, Aradhana confronts Reyansh for attending while he marches towards Kriti in anger, stating that he is there to reveal the culprit. Is Kriti behind Kimaya’s death? Will Kriti learn the truth that Aradhna is Malini’s daughter? Will her hatred for Aradhna end after learning about their relationship? Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 10th November 2023.

Barsatein 10th November 2023 Written Update Reyansh exposes Kriti:

Malini reveals to Aradhna that Kimaya has passed away and begins to cry. Aradhna offers her comfort. Komal mentions that not everyone may be aware of the situation and asks Malini what she had discussed with Kimaya when she visited her room before Reyansh did. She accuses Kriti of being responsible for Kimaya’s death and threatens to harm her. Kriti denies any involvement, but Komal embraces Malini in a supportive hug. Jai observes the tense scene between Kriti and Malini. Aradhna intervenes and embraces Kriti, acknowledging the loss of their sister Kimaya. Reyansh arrives at the scene, but Aradhna orders him to leave. He explains that the police have cleared his name and he wants to expose whoever had met with Kimaya before him, insisting that he knows the truth. He then notices Kriti and makes his way over to her.

Reyansh accuses Jai of revealing the truth to Kimaya, prompting him to retaliate physically. Aradhna intervenes and halts Reyansh’s actions. Despite Aradhna’s efforts, Reyansh continues to blame Jai and engages in a heated argument with him. In an attempt to calm the situation, the family steps in and tries to restrain Reyansh. Amidst all this drama, Kriti suddenly recalls something. Meanwhile, Jai goes to talk to Kimaya in her room and successfully convinces her to open the door for him. He then proceeds to explain Kriti’s manipulation and how it led to a misunderstanding between them. However, their conversation is interrupted by Kriti’s arrival who confesses to creating a rift between them but accuses Aradhna of having ulterior motives towards both Reyansh and Jai.

This sparks a heated exchange between Jai and Kriti which is cut short by Kimaya’s plea for them to stop. Overwhelmed with emotions, Kimaya struggles with whom she should believe as everyone presents different versions of the events. Finally, Jai reveals that Reyansh doesn’t truly love Kimaya. Kriti attempts to sway Kimaya into marrying Reyansh, while Jai reveals that Reyansh’s true motive for wanting to wed Kimaya is revenge against the Khanna family. However, Kriti refutes this and claims that Reyansh had ulterior motives of making Aradhna envious. Kimaya denies any romantic involvement between Reyansh and Aradhna, as stated by Kriti who believes the latter has feelings for him.

Jai reveals that he cannot continue with their wedding plans as his conscience won’t allow him to hide the truth. He urges Kimaya to do the same, even though it may be painful. Kimaya questions when Kriti first became aware of Reyansh and Aradhna’s love for each other, to which Kriti admits she has known from the beginning. Feeling betrayed, Kimaya scolds Kriti for not stopping her instead of concealing the information from her. Expressing frustration over being deceived twice before by Angad and Reyansh, Kimaya makes a firm decision not to let anyone manipulate her emotions again.

Determined to follow through on her decision, she reaches for a bottle of sleeping pills in her drawer despite Kriti’s attempts to intervene. In a panic, Kriti rushes to call an ambulance. Back in the present, Reyansh levels an accusation against Jai for causing Kimaya’s death. He begins to explain Jai’s motives, but Aradhna interrupts, having already known of Reyansh’s ulterior motives. Reyansh questions if Aradhna is taking Jai’s side, to which she affirms, stating that unlike him, Jai is not a monster. Reyansh is on the verge of revealing that Jai has feelings for Aradhna, but she refuses to hear him out.

Bhakti points the blame towards Reyansh and demands he leave. Although Reyansh ultimately wins against Jai, he is quick to place the blame on him. Aradhna intervenes by physically pushing away Reyansh and delivering a resounding slap. Frustrated with his tendency to shift responsibility onto others, she demands that he leave. Meanwhile, Jai confronts Kriti and questions her about what lies she may have told Reyansh this time. He challenges her to prove her claims. A flashback then reveals that Kriti had visited Reyansh in jail and disclosed that she had visited Kimaya before her death. As the flashback ends, Aradhna once again urges Reyansh to depart from the scene, which he does while sobbing uncontrollably.


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