GHKKPM 10th November 2023 Written Update Savi surprised

GHKKPM 10th November 2023 Written Update Savi surprised

GHKKPM 10th November 2023 Written Update Savi surprised. Savi wonders why Harini asked her to thank Ishaan instead of enjoying the party. She asks her friends, but they simply tell her to eat. Just then, Shantanu enters and inquires about Ishaan’s whereabouts. Savi replies that she is not sure. When Shantanu suggests calling Ishaan, she dials his number, but he doesn’t answer as he is upset with her. Upon hearing this, Shantanu assumes that Ishaan must be preoccupied and encourages everyone to dig in. He then turns to Shukla and asks him to join in as well, and later reminds him to clean up the auditorium once everyone has left. Shukla agrees willingly. Nishikanth informs Yashwant and Surekha about Ishaan’s plans to throw a big party for Savi’s birthday.

He also mentions that Ishaan attended the party but then left, causing Yashwant and Surekha to decide to talk to him when he returns home. Later, Savi overhears Shukla whispering about Ishaan organizing the party, even though he didn’t stay until the end. She tries to call Ishaan but he doesn’t answer, and overhears Durva and Ayush discussing Ishaan’s surprise party for her. Durva suggests that if Ishaan truly cared for Savi, he would have stayed until the end, which makes Ayush agree while Savi feels hurt by Durva’s words. Meanwhile, Shantanu and Isha speculate about why Ishaan left the party early. Shantanu wonders if he is jealous of Bajirao and asks Savi if she knows where Ishaan is. She replies that she has no idea. Shantanu then suggests calling him, but when she does, he doesn’t answer as he is upset with her.


Isha alerts Shantanu to Ishaan’s frustration over Savi’s thank you to Bajirao for his gift. In the midst of this, Yashwant contacts Shantanu about Savi’s birthday celebration, prompting Shantanu to question what the problem is since Savi is the top student and cultural secretary. Surekha then takes over the call and inquires if it’s true that Ishaan organized the surprise party, which Shantanu confirms. Yashwant proceeds to ask why he needs to invite Isha to their college, but Shantanu clarifies that it was Ishaan who invited her, not him. This angers Surekha and Yashwant even more.

Meanwhile, Savi reaches out to Harini and demands the truth about who invited her to the party. Harini confesses that it was Ishaan. Elsewhere, Surekha becomes agitated at the thought of Ishaan inviting Isha to their college, while Yashwant tries to calm her down unsuccessfully. Surekha argues with Yashwant expressing her belief that Ishaan has feelings for Savi and accuses Isha of using Savi to get back into his life. While speaking to Prateek, Ishaan expresses his concerns about Bajirao and how Savi is being taken advantage of by him. In response, Prateek sympathizes with Ishaan’s perspective. Curious, Prateek asks Ishaan why he is so worried about Bajirao, to which Ishaan reveals that his worry is for Savi’s future.

He explains that if she continues to be careless, she may not succeed in the UPSC exam. In another conversation, Savi inquires about the party’s invitation and Isha reveals it was Ishaan. Upon hearing this, Savi becomes infuriated at the realization that Ishaan is behind the party. Despite Isha’s attempts to calm her down and praise Ishaan for planning such a wonderful surprise, Savi insists on reminding Isha that it was all done as an act of charity by Ishaan.


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