Bhagya Lakshmi 11th November 2023 Written Update New twist

Bhagya Lakshmi Upcoming Lakshmi to lose her memory

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th November 2023 Written Update New twist. Ayush spots Rishi carrying Lakshmi as they enter the colony. Curiously, Ayush inquires about their whereabouts all night. Rishi responds that they were at the shop. Upon learning this, Ayush asks why Rishi didn’t come to meet him there. Ayush then questions Rishi about Lakshmi’s condition, with concern evident in his voice. Rishi goes on to explain how Lakshmi bravely fainted while saving him at the temple. Ayush urges Rishi to return to the Oberoi mansion, but Rishi remains unwilling. Reflecting on her memories with him since childhood, Neelam recalls her moments with Rishi. Karishma confides in Virendra, blaming Lakshmi for Rishi’s troubles. However, Virendra reminds her that it was Lakshmi who always came through for Rishi during difficult times.

Recalling all of this herself, Neelam realizes how much Lakshmi is meant to Rishi. Virendra tells Neelam that her animosity towards Lakshmi has blinded her to the love she has for her son. Overwhelmed, Neelam breaks down in tears. But Virendra gently reminds Neelam that there is still time and implores her to see that Lakshmi is the perfect match for Rishi. Neelam expresses to Dadi that underestimating Lakshmi’s importance in Rishi’s life was a grave error. She reminds them of the many times Lakshmi rescued Rishi and requests Virendra to bring them both back home. This request is met with smiles from both Virendra and Dadi, while Malishka is left stunned.


Bhagya Lakshmi 11th November 2023 Written Update New twist:

Neelam wonders if kicking Rishi out of the house was a mistake, as she always wanted her son’s happiness above all else. Harleen points out that Neelam should also feel guilty for treating Lakshmi poorly. Neelam agrees, acknowledging that Lakshmi has always been devoted to Rishi despite Neelam’s mistreatment. She admits to sinning, but Harleen comforts her by saying that everything will be better now that she has realized her mistake. Harleen confidently claims that Rishi and Lakshmi will return to the house, bringing happiness with them. She then sarcastically asks Karishma if she has any objections, but Karishma defers to Neelam’s decision.

Malishka is feeling overwhelmed as she fears losing control of the situation. She knows that Lakshmi’s upcoming revelation will spread like wildfire. Fortunately, Virendra receives a message from Rishi assuring him that they are safe and on their way back home. In response, Virendra rushes to bring Lakshmi and Rishi home while Harleen leads the other family members in a pooja. Meanwhile, Ayush tries to convince Rishi to return home but he refuses. When Virendra arrives, he warmly embraces Rishi and urges him and Lakshmi to return with him. However, Rishi declares that Oberoi’s house is no longer their home. Virendra then explains that Neelam has specifically asked him to bring them back home.

Rishi says that he needs to discuss the matter with Lakshmi. However, Ayush believes that Lakshmi won’t mind it since she has always supported Rishi’s presence with his family. Despite Rishi’s concerns about Lakshmi’s self-respect, Virendra interrupts and asserts his role as a father, making the final decision. Meanwhile, at the Oberoi mansion, Malishka wonders why God doesn’t understand how much she loves Rishi. Excitedly, Ayush calls Shalu and shares the good news with her. Shalu then eagerly informs everyone at home that Rishi and Lakshmi will be returning to the Oberoi residence. On their way back, Rishi notices a goon who glances back at him.

Malishka contacts Sonal and shares all the details, including Neelam’s change of heart. Sonal is surprised and questions if Neelam is being serious, expressing concern over Malishka’s action potentially leading to negative consequences. In response, Malishka reassures her that she will not flee but instead permanently silence Lakshmi. She clarifies that she does not intend to harm or be harmed by Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Rishi and the others arrive home where they are warmly welcomed. Harleen becomes anxious upon seeing Lakshmi unconscious, while Rishi enters the house but is stopped by Neelam who declares that Lakshmi is not allowed inside. As Malishka ponders to herself, she considers the possibility of Sonal being right about Neelam only pretending to have a change of heart.


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