GHKKPM Latest Promo Ishaan love confession stuns Savi

GHKKPM Latest Promo Ishaan love confession stuns Savi

GHKKPM Latest Promo Ishaan love confession stuns Savi Savi and Ishaan play their roles in Romeo and Juliet. She says every word of your love enters my heart, but our families have an objection to our love. He says that those who love with their heart doesn’t care for the world. She interrupts saying but Romeo… He stops her and tells her that there is no place for ‘but’ in their love. He says I love you Reva, sorry Juliet. Savi is shocked. Ishaan sees Reva waiting for him, while everyone claps for Savi and Ishaan. Ishaan feels lost seeing Savi in front of him. They look as adorable as Romeo and Juliet. Reva also replies to Ishaan that she loves him. Will they realize their love?

In the current track, The Bhosle family pays a visit to Ashutosh’s mansion to discuss the date for Samarth and Durva’s engagement. Nishikanth suggests having the marriage on Diwali next year. However, Samarth and Mandar decide to move the wedding to an earlier date. Mandar convinces the Bhosle family to have the engagement in two days and plans the marriage for next month. The family agrees. The Bhosle family bids farewell to Samarth as Savi arrives at Ashutosh’s mansion to meet Ishaan, only to be denied entry by the security guard.


Ishaan, noticing Savi’s presence, approaches her and inquires about the reason for her visit. Savi hands over some money to Ishaan, refusing to accept any charity or pity. In a sarcastic tone, Ishaan commends Savi for misjudging others. Reminding him of how he left the party that he had organized, Savi questions why he didn’t think of meeting Ashwini and Harini while he was there. She expresses how hurtful it was for him to not even acknowledge their presence at the event. And finally, Ishaan comments on Savi’s actions.


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