Keh Doon Tumhein 12th November 2023 Upcoming Twists

Keh Doon Tumhein 12th November 2023 Upcoming Twists

Keh Doon Tumhein 12th November 2023 Upcoming Twists. Dev meets Vikrant and confidently stands before him. He reveals that he has identified a suspect responsible for the murders of Anjali, Ritu, and numerous others. However, Vikrant reminds Dev that Bittu has already confessed to the crimes. Pointing his finger at Vikrant, Dev threatens him and observes his reaction when mentioning Bittu’s name during the interrogation. Despite this, Vikrant maintains a calm demeanor, causing Dev to grow even more arrogant and offended.

Bittu expresses his readiness to reveal the truth and requests assistance from Garud and Jadhav, who are eagerly anticipating his confession. Meanwhile, Dev sneaks into Vikrant’s house and meets with Kirti, whom he tries to persuade of Vikrant’s guilt in the murders at Panchghati. However, Kirti dismisses Dev’s claims, accusing him of being envious and deceitful. Despite this, Dev remains determined to prove Vikrant’s wrongdoing. Unsure but urgent, Kirti orders Dev to leave her room promptly.


After Dev’s attempts to convince her fail miserably, he reveals Vikrant’s true intentions of using Kirti for his gain. However, Kirti stands firm in her belief that Vikrant truly loves her and his love gives her strength. Realizing the urgency of the situation, Vikrant knows he must stop the upcoming interrogation. He approaches Kirti and she reassures him of their relationship. Later on, Vikrant visits Madhuri’s house with numerous gifts and asks for Dadi and Madhuri’s permission to marry Kirti. He expresses his desire to take care of both Kirti and Puru. With their approval, Vikrant proposes to Kirti and they exchange engagement rings. Kirti happily accepts his proposal to marry him. The sight of everyone being overjoyed fills the room with happiness. Keep reading.


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