Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th November 2023 Upcoming Romantic twist

Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th November 2023 Upcoming Romantic twist

Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th November 2023 Upcoming Romantic twist. Sahiba shares that the watch she bought is for Angad. Prabjyot and Jasleen mock her, commenting on the “cheap” gift. Manveer joins them and notices something written on the back of the watch. He becomes upset and tosses it away, causing it to break. Sahiba is emotional at the sight of it. Manveer declares that Angad is only being nice to her because they are married and claims that he doesn’t truly love her. In front of everyone, Sahiba promises to work towards repairing any damage in their relationship.

As Angad and Sahiba prepare to depart for the airport, Jasleen requests Seerat to accompany them. However, Seerat receives an unexpected call which leaves her visibly stunned. She excuses herself and leaves. Meanwhile, Angad and Sahiba make their way towards the airport. Sahiba excitedly shares how this is her first time flying, prompting Angad to ask her to lower her voice. In response, Sahiba asks him to speak up. To avoid further discomfort from Sahiba’s volume, Angad covers his ears until his hearing adjusts. As they approach the airport, driver Nitin Yadav spots them and makes a call to inform someone of their arrival. The person on the other end advises Nitin not to make any mistakes and bring Angad and Sahiba directly to them. Nitin introduces himself as their driver and proceeds to take care of their luggage.


Seerat initially declines the other person’s invitation to meet, but later changes her mind after their conversation. Upon arriving, Sahiba graciously opens the car door for Angad and presents him with a bouquet, which he politely declines. As he is about to depart, there is confusion as someone mistakes Angad for Sunny Sood. Despite Sahiba’s attempts to apologize, Angad does not accept her apology. Another person mistakenly offers money to Angad, mistaking him for Sunny Sood. Meanwhile, Sahiba tries to express her feelings towards Angad but is interrupted by Sunny Sood’s fiancĂ©.


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