Barsatein 13th November 2023 Written Update New twists

Barsatein 13th November 2023 Written Update New twists

Barsatein 13th November 2023 Written Update New twists. Aradhana watches as Reyansh walks away, tears streaming down her face, burdened with the weight of her sister’s death. Reyansh, on the other hand, maintains a determined expression, as if trying to prove his innocence in Kimaya’s passing. Later that night, he surprises Aradhana by showing up at her room after having indulged in drinking. Her initial shock turns to fear as he pushes her against the wall and towers over her, declaring that she needs him. As his rough arms graze her face, Aradhana becomes emotional but eventually regains her composure and pushes him away. She reminds him that he is responsible for Kimaya’s death and will always bear the blame for it. Finally, Aradhana firmly tells Reyansh to stay away from her and never cross paths with her again – something he had desired previously.

After leaving Aradhana’s house, Reyansh heads to a bar attached to an underground fighting ring. He drunkenly stumbles into the ring and begins fighting his opponent, haunted by hurtful words from Aradhana. As he’s about to lose consciousness on the floor, Kriti appears and urges him not to give up on Jai. She reminds him that losing today means losing Aradhana forever, which is exactly what Jai wants.


Reyansh gazes at her as she informs him that losing today will mean losing Aradhana to Jai forever, which is part of his master plan. Upon hearing this, Reyansh’s determination increases and he rises from his seat to defeat his opponent. The spectators erupt in excitement as the tide turns in the game, while Kriti smirks, satisfied with her scheme. With a final blow, Reyansh knocks out his adversary and steps out of the fighting ring. Making his way towards Kriti, he declares that it’s time for him to show what he is truly capable of. Will Aradhana be able to handle having Reyansh constantly by her side? And how will Reyansh react while under Kriti’s manipulation? Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 13th November 2023.

Barsatein 13th November 2023 Written Update New twists:

A one-month leap is seen. After experiencing the loss of Kimaya, Khanna’s family continues to suffer. Viren is hospitalized, while Malini grieves and hallucinates about her daughter. Aradhna offers comfort to her sister. Bhakti notices Jai supporting Aradhna and inquires about Reyansh’s whereabouts. Aradhna responds that Reyansh should stay away from the Khannas, whom he has caused harm to. She wishes Viren a speedy recovery. Bhakti encourages Aradhna to also take care of herself and praises her for standing by the Khannas during this difficult time. She invites Aradhna to return home with her. However, upon seeing the Khannas having a meal together, Aradhna realizes that they need her more and declines the offer. Bhakti notes that time is slowly healing their pain.

Bhakti adds that Malini and Viren both refuse to accept Aradhna as their daughter, even though she is Kimaya’s biological child. As a result, Aradhna is torn between staying with the Khannas and going back with Bhakti. Despite Bhakti’s attempts to persuade her, Aradhna remains adamant about staying. Kriti watches their interaction and becomes impatient, wondering why they are still in the house. She decides to take matters into her own hands and excuses herself from the situation.

Furious behind the wheel, Kriti lays all the blame on Aradhna for stealing her joy and declares her intent to ruin her. Meanwhile, Reyansh is taking a beating in the boxing ring and recalls a memory. Kriti fabricates a story for Reyansh, claiming that Jai mistakenly believed he was going to be engaged to Aradhna at first. She assures him that she set things straight, but he still desires Aradhna and asks her to pretend they are engaged until he can move on from her. Kriti also asserts that she informed Kimaya of this before her passing and that Jai has now arrived as well. Additionally, she accuses Aradhna of being involved in the situation.

Reyansh is skeptical of his friends, Jai and Aradhna’s involvement in this situation. Kriti attempts to turn Reyansh against them by revealing the legal house papers that show Jai as the sole owner of the house he bought for Aradhna. Kriti accuses Jai and Aradhna of betraying Reyansh and being responsible for Kimaya’s death. Despite his doubts, Reyansh cannot shake off the thought that Aradhna may love someone else but he ultimately believes that Jai has betrayed him and vows to seek revenge.

Reyansh recalls Aradhna’s hurtful words and allows the boxer to hit him. Kriti appears on the scene. Meanwhile, Viren requests Jai to take over the business as he is unable to manage it any longer. Jai suggests that he and Aradhna take charge of the business while Viren recuperates. Overhearing this conversation, Kriti tries to manipulate Reyansh by claiming that Aradhna has feelings for Jai. However, Reyansh remains adamant that Aradhna’s heart belongs only to him. Kriti then shows Reyansh a video of Jai declaring his love for Aradhna. But Reyansh remains firm in his belief that Aradhna’s love is reserved solely for him.

Kriti remarks that Aradhna and Jai are always together, both in the office and in their laughter. She summons Reyansh back to work and reclaims Aradhna from him before Jai can best him. Reyansh rises determined, declaring that he is not one to be easily defeated. He delivers a powerful punch to his opponent, securing the round. As Beena wakes Aradhna from her slumber, she reveals that Bhakti has briefly returned to her biological mother. Concerned, Beena inquires about Aradhna’s dilemma of choosing between Bhakti’s love and Malini’s. Aradhna explains that although she is grateful to have three mothers who love her, Malini currently needs her and she cannot leave her side. Later that night, Aradhna is taken aback when Reyansh secretly enters her room. He discloses that Jai is responsible for Kimaya’s death and claims to have heard this from Kriti. He implores Aradhna to elope with him and marry him, declaring his boundless affection for her. However, Aradhna declines his proposal.


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