Barsatein 14th November 2023 Written Update Payback

Barsatein 14th November 2023 Written Update Payback. Reyansh implores Aradhna to come home with him, but she refuses. He accuses her of lying and reminds her of her own words. Aradhna retaliates by accusing Reyansh of causing Kimaya's

Barsatein 14th November 2023 Written Update Payback. Reyansh implores Aradhna to come home with him, but she refuses. He accuses her of lying and reminds her of her own words. Aradhna retaliates by accusing Reyansh of causing Kimaya’s death and breaking the Khanna family’s hearts. She calls him a beast and expresses her anger towards him. However, Reyansh pleads with Aradhna, claiming they are meant to be together. He confesses that he could never find happiness in marrying Kimaya. But Aradhna stands firm in her belief that if they get married, nothing will be resolved. In turn, Reyansh shifts the blame to Jai for everything that has happened.

Aradhna criticizes Reyansh for his selfishness and lack of consideration for anyone but himself. She reminds him of how he misunderstood her in the past, just like he is misunderstanding Jai now. Realizing that there is no point in arguing further, Aradhna walks away while Reyansh hits his fist against the wall, haunted by Kriti’s deceitful words against Aradhna. Jai is surprised to find Reyansh at the office. The latter then invite their staff to a free treat in the cantine. Jai asks Reyansh why he is there, but Reyansh reminds him that it’s their business. He accuses Jai of betraying him, claiming it all started when he saved Aradhna from some goons and insinuating that Jai must have paid them off.


Jai denies this accusation, but Reyansh presses him to confess his feelings for Aradhna. After much hesitation, Jai finally admits his love for her, which only infuriates Reyansh more. In response, Jai asks him to leave and an angry Reyansh storms out. Reyansh meets Aradhna and shares some banter. She remarks that his laughter shows he is not affected by the past events. Reyansh counters that crying is not always a sign of deep hurt. Aradhna then recounts a tale about a king who turns into a beast before storming off, which causes annoyance in Reyansh. Reyansh taunts Aradhna and Jai, teasing them about the drop in their local news TRP. He then asks Jai to come up with a more captivating story.

Aradhna, on the other hand, proposes focusing on Reyansh for their next report. She excuses herself shortly after and Reyansh follows her, stopping her in her tracks. Curious, Aradhna questions Reyansh about causing trouble for Jai. He immediately fires back, asking if she has developed feelings for him. Without hesitation, Aradhna shuts down any ideas of Reyansh trying to replace Jai and expresses her gratitude for having such a trustworthy friend like him around. However, Reyansh persists and claims that Aradhna doesn’t know the real truth about Jai. With that said, he ends the conversation promising to return soon. Malini can’t hold back tears as she remembers Kimaya and then Aradhna.

Meanwhile, Reyansh channels his anger into his intense boxing practice. Vivek intervenes, trying to convince Reyansh to let go of his revenge against Jai. However, Reyansh remains adamant in his refusal to forgive Jai for betraying his trust. As Malini struggles with her emotions, Aradhna offers her comfort and understanding. Expressing her regret, Malini apologizes to Aradhna for abandoning her and admits that she has constantly thought about her, even keeping memories of her in a box. She deeply regrets her past actions and still struggles with accepting Aradhna publicly.

Vivek suggests that Reyansh goes home, to which he agrees but not without having a drink first. Meanwhile, Aradhna expresses her lack of expectation from Malini and the latter is determined to keep Reyansh away from her. Malini then shocks Aradhna by suggesting marriage and asks her to consider it. On the other hand, Reyansh and Vivek have their drink and Reyansh makes a promise to remove Jai from his path, take Aradhna to Delhi, and marry her himself. However, Aradhna declines the idea as she cannot love anyone again. Malini inquires about Aradhna’s feelings for Reyansh. Aradhna responds by expressing her hatred towards him, but admits she cannot marry someone else.

She cannot forgive Reyansh, yet she also cannot forget his love, which is why she chooses not to enter into marriage. However, Malini cautions Aradhna about Reyansh’s destructive anger. Aradhna makes the decision to leave the city in order to protect the Kannah family from Reyansh’s wrath. Concerned for Aradhna, Malini reassures her that she is capable of handling Reyansh and his toxic behavior. As a symbol of their friendship and support, Malini places bangles on Aradhna’s wrist. Meanwhile, Vivek advises Reyansh to give Aradhna time as she is currently grieving and may never accept him. In response, Reyansh insists that Aradhna’s love only belongs to him. Despite Malini’s persistent suggestion for marriage, Aradhna firmly believes that love is not meant for her destiny.


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