Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update Karan in action

Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update Karan in action

Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update Karan in action. Shanaya is startled when Nidhi suddenly slaps her for apparently calling her a failed businesswoman. However, Shanaya quickly realizes that it was all just a dream and she hasn’t said anything to Nidhi in reality. As this is happening, Daljeet becomes increasingly angry with Nidhi’s insistence on leaving and reminds her that she is not some superior figure to be giving them orders. Despite their protests, Nidhi cunningly manages to trick them into leaving. Meanwhile, Mahesh takes out his prized marble collection from his safe and suggests using them to make the goons fall before engaging in a fight with them.

Rishabh teases him about this idea, but Rakhi encourages Mahesh and follows him as he starts executing his plan. At the same time, the goons spot Kavya but she narrowly escapes them. However, they continue to search for her relentlessly while Kavya contemplates taking action. As more goons arrive at the Luthra house, one of them summons a prisoner to inform him of their arrival since the doors are locked. The prisoner then assures him that he will send someone to unlock the door.


The goon then gathers everyone in the hallway and instructs them to sit down silently. In the midst of all this, Preeta notices the commotion and rushes to seek help. She encounters Gurpreet and Karan, whom she urgently asks to call the police as his family is in danger. Karan, once again entranced by Preeta’s presence, hears her call out his name. However, he reassures her that he is there and will handle everything. Surprised by Karan’s calm demeanor, Preeta urges him to take action and rescue his family without delay. Meanwhile, the goons warn everyone to obey or face fatal consequences. Will Karan live up to his promise to protect Preeta’s safety? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update Karan in action:

Shanaya informs Shaurya about Nidhi’s behavior, to which Shaurya responds that he is not responsible for it. Just then, Rajveer arrives and checks in on Shanaya and Daljeet’s well-being. Shaurya inquires about Palki, prompting Rajveer to question his interest in her. In response, Shaurya asserts that he will do as he pleases and no one can stop him before making his exit. Meanwhile, Gurpreet witnesses Karan chasing Preeta and decides to play ignorant when Karan approaches her.

He advises her to keep an eye on Preeta as she tends to find herself in dangerous situations. However, Karan himself is unable to follow Preeta at the moment due to goons chasing him. When Preeta returns and reveals that the Luthras have been captured by the goons, Karan assures her not to worry as he will save everyone. He instructs Gurpreet to take care of Preeta while he takes care of the situation. As he leaves, both Karan and Preeta share a glance.

Sandy and Amy advise Shaurya to stop dwelling on Palki. They point out his obvious feelings for her, which Shaurya denies and claims he never thinks about her. Sandy then asks if Shaurya has dreamt about Palki, to which he nods. Amy then questions if Shaurya has ever saved and stared at Palki, but Shaurya dismisses it by saying he doesn’t have time for such thoughts. Mahesh assists the guests in escaping, but they are startled by the sound of a bullet. Shekhar advises them to remain still if they wish to survive and assures them that he will accomplish his objective. The Luthras ask Shekhar to leave them alone, but he reprimands them instead. He then commands his henchmen to take all the jewels from everyone present. Shaurya and his friends observe this, while Rakhi pleads with the goons not to do this.

Meanwhile, Kareena notices Shaurya’s presence. Shaurya shares his plan with Sandy and Amy, but unfortunately, when he tries to put it into action, he stumbles and falls. Suddenly, a goon appears and brandishes a gun at Shaurya. Just as things are about to take a dangerous turn, Rajveer arrives on the scene and saves Shaurya. The Luthra men then jump into action and defeat the goons while the Luthra ladies urge Kavya to flee from the danger. She takes their advice and finds refuge in a nearby room, only to be threatened by another goon who holds a knife close to Kareena’s neck. Gurpreet warns Preeta about the danger posed by the goons, leaving her unable to defeat them.

Upon hearing noises from the goons, Rajveer questions Preeta’s presence there and proceeds to lock her and Gurpreet in a nearby room. Witnessing this emotional scene, Kavya breaks down in tears. Rishabh instructs one of the goons to leave Kareena alone and take everything they want. In an attempt to distract the goons, Rajveer and Shaurya engage in a fight with each other. Shaurya manages to grab hold of a gun and warns the goons against any harmful actions.

Preeta comforts Kavya as the title song plays in the background. Shekhar arrives and requests the locker key from Kavya. Pretending to have the key, Preeta quickly makes her escape as Shekhar pursues her. The Luthras are once again caught by goons, and Shekhar threatens to harm them all. He aims his gun at Shaurya, prompting Preeta to intervene and fight back against Shekhar. As the goons attack Shaurya, Shekhar attempts to harm him but Preeta warns him not to.


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