YRKKH Akshara to die Upcoming Top 3 Spoilers

YRKKH 3rd December 2023 Written Update Akshara calls Manish

YRKKH Akshara to die Upcoming Top 3 Spoilers. Akshara and Abhira are currently serving as caretakers at a resort. However, trouble arises when Minister Jagrat’s son Yuvraj becomes infatuated with Abhira and resorts to stalking and threatening her into marriage. In response, Abhira stands up for herself and slaps him, causing Yuvraj’s anger to escalate as he decides to forcefully take Abhira. Akshara steps in between them and boldly declares that Yuvraj will have to harm her before he can reach Abhira. Despite Yuvraj pulling out a gun, Akshara doesn’t deter and blocks his way to Abhira. Is Akshara willing to sacrifice her life for the safety of Abhinav and her daughter Abhira? Keep reading.

Teri Meri Doriyaann:


Sahiba notices Angad’s discomfort caused by acidity. The hotel manager arrives to apologize for the previous incident and Angad immediately informs him of their plans to check out tomorrow. Despite the manager’s desperate plea for another chance, Angad sticks to his decision. The relieved manager departs from the scene. Sahiba then asks Angad if he needs anything, to which he responds with a firm “no.” In frustration, Angad tosses a pillow aside causing water to spill onto the microphone.

Keh Doon Tumhein:

As Kirti reminisces about the early days of her relationship with Vikrant, she recalls how they fell for each other and cared deeply for one another. From the very beginning, Vikrant always made sure to take care of Kirti and show her utmost respect. His love for her left her feeling overwhelmed and questioning if she truly deserved it. However, their moment is interrupted when Dev suddenly appears and pleads with Kirti not to marry Vikrant. He doesn’t want to see Puru with someone as imposing as Vikrant. Despite his efforts, Dev fails to persuade Kirti and she asks him to leave.

Feeling utterly confused and anxious, Kirti demands proof behind his accusation. Despite her denial, Dev firmly believes that Vikrant is not innocent and genuinely cares for both Kirti and Puru. He tells that he came there only to warn Kirti, but she cannot bring herself to believe his claims and tells him not to meddle in her personal life. Even though he has divorced Kirti, Dev still wants them both to be safe from harm’s way. Unable to comprehend the situation fully, Kirti ultimately asks him to leave.


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