Barsatein 15th November 2023 Written Update Jai arrested

Barsatein 15th November 2023 Written Update Jai arrested

Barsatein 15th November 2023 Written Update Jai arrested. Reyansh fell under Kriti’s persuasion and believed that Jai had taken Aradhna away from him. Fueled by this misunderstanding, he harbors a grudge against Jai and decides to return to the office for retribution. Despite his attempts to reconcile with Aradhna and propose marriage, she accuses him of causing her sister Kimaya’s death. This accusation drives Reyansh to angrily practice boxing. Vivek intervenes and urges him to let go of his vengeful thoughts towards Jai, but Reyansh remains unmoved. He is determined to bring Aradhna back with him to Delhi and marry her. Malini deeply regretted abandoning Aradhna and wanted to protect her from Reyansh. Despite Aradhna’s refusal to forgive him, she couldn’t deny the love she still felt for him.

Ahead in the show, Reyansh, fueled by anger, relentlessly searches for Aradhna with the help of Beena. However, his jealousy would reach a boiling point when he saw Aradhna share a friendly hug with Jai. Afterwards, Jai will be apprehended by the police due to being framed by Reyansh. A smile will form on Reyansh’s face as he watches Jai being taken away. Despite his efforts to convince Aradhna to join him in Delhi for marriage, she accuses him of Kimaya’s death and refuses to go. This drives Reyansh into a state of anger, leading him to take up boxing as a means of release. Vivek attempts to calm him down and change his vengeful mindset towards Jai, but Reyansh remains unforgiving and determined to marry Aradhna in Delhi. Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 15th November 2023.


Barsatein 15th November 2023 Written Update Jai arrested:

Beena inquires about Aradhna’s intentions to leave, causing her immense heartache as she considers her daughter. Aradhna expresses her gratitude for having the love of three mothers and embraces Beena. Jai suggests accompanying her to Delhi so they can collaborate there, but Aradhna declines. Despite this, Jai persists in his offer and insists on dropping her off. Upon reaching the bus stop, Aradhna voices that after spending time with Jai, she has come to realize that not all men are toxic. Jai asks for forgiveness on behalf of Reyansh, noting that he may have some eccentric tendencies. However, Aradhna questions how Jai can still advocate for Reyansh despite everything that has happened.

In the meantime, Reyansh approaches Beena and asks for Aradhna’s whereabouts; she reluctantly reveals it to him out of fear that he may do something foolish. As Reyansh reaches the bus stop and sees Aradhna in a hug with Jai, he picks up an iron rod while advancing towards them. At first, Reyansh viciously strikes the rod on Jai’s car, causing severe damage. Then, he climbs on top of it and delivers a final blow, destroying the vehicle. A passerby notices and informs Jai of the situation. While Aradhna becomes worried, Jai calmly instructs her to board the bus while he handles it. Confronting Reyansh, Jai pleads for him to stop, which only further infuriates him.

However, before Reyansh can retaliate, he accuses Jai of deliberately provoking him into doing something foolish to come out as the hero. Aradhna interrupts, urging them to cease their argument. Aradhna shields Reyansh and remarks that she had a slight hope of his redemption yesterday, but he has once again proven himself by habitually shifting blame onto others for his flaws. Reyansh voices his belief that Jai is responsible for the current distance between them. He reveals Jai’s romantic feelings for her, which surprises her to the core.

Aradhna interrupts and clarifies that they are just friends. Reyansh sarcastically claps and accuses Jai of deceiving her while being aware of their relationship. In response, Jai explains that his intentions were never malicious but he was aware of the misunderstandings between them. Aradhna disapproves of Reyansh’s behavior and congratulates him for losing a friend like her. At this point, Jai confesses everything, including Kriti’s manipulative scheme. He defends Reyansh, stating that he is not a bad person but emotionally damaged. In return, Aradhna points out how he used Kimaya for revenge, making everything else irrelevant. Jai claims that she can only love Reyansh, to which she agrees and declares an end to their friendship as she cannot move on from loving him, and does not want to hurt him in any way.


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