GHKKPM 16th November 2023 Written Update Savi’s move

GHKKPM 16th November 2023 Written Update Savi's move

GHKKPM 16th November 2023 Written Update Savi’s move. Upon arriving, Ishaan and Revti begin the ritual, but a waiter accidentally spills water on Revti. She swiftly turns to reprimand the waiter while Savi rushes to assist her with cleaning her dress. Meanwhile, Ishaan’s attention is caught by Reeva’s reflection in the water. Wistfully, Reeva considers how she would have performed the ritual with Ishaan if she were in Pune. In a moment of frustration, Revti shoves Savi towards Ishaan, causing them both to stumble into the water and unintentionally complete the ritual together. Harini is seen singing a song and receiving praise from everyone.

Isha requests Shantanu to visit Durva’s place, prompting him to comment on her lack of self-care. He then expresses to Isha that he considers her family regardless of her opinion towards him. Asmita also commends Harini’s singing, to which she responds with gratitude. Additionally, Ishaan acknowledges Harini’s talent while Surekha sends him to attend Revti. Later, Surekha speaks highly of Revti in front of Savi and mentions that they only prefer a daughter-in-law from a wealthy background for their household. This prompts Savi to remark before leaving the room. Surekha tells Asmita to give Harini a call. Asmita agrees and contacts Harini. When Harini arrives, Surekha asks her why she was called.


Surekha then mentions that she believes her opportunity came from Ishaan’s pity rather than her talent. Both Surekha and Nishikant remind Harini that she is an inexperienced singer with no recognition. Ishaan tells Savi that he plans to involve Harini in all future events. Savi expresses gratitude towards Ishaan for the decision. Harini understands the underlying message being communicated to her. Later, Surekha remarks Harini. She hands an envelope containing payment to Harini, saying it reflects her worth. Upon opening it, Harini realizes it’s just a coin inside. Seeing this, Savi takes Harini away from the situation. Keep reading for a full written update on GHKKPM 16th November 2023.

GHKKPM 16th November 2023 Written Update Savi’s move:

Harini, a new employee given an opportunity as a favor by Surekha and Nishikant, was being unfairly treated. She felt embarrassed when Surekha reminded her that her pay would be based on performance. As the envelope was opened, a coin was tossed and Surekha looked on with a smile. Savi noticed someone familiar as they left the room and passed Samrudh and his family. Curious, she asked Harini if she had seen the boy for Durva. When Harini mentioned his name was Samrudh, Savi immediately remembered everything and instructed the auto driver to turn around as they needed to save Durva. Meanwhile, Durva and Samrudh were preparing to exchange rings on stage. Expressing her concerns, Harini stated that no one would believe them due to their wealth and ability to handle any potential issue arising from their intervention.

Savi inquires about Isha’s hypothetical thoughts about her. In a different setting, Durva slides the ring onto Samrudh’s finger and he reciprocates by kneeling and expressing his love for her. As he is about to put the ring on Durva’s finger, Savi intervenes and slaps Samrudh. The sudden act shocks everyone, including Surekha who scolds Savi for daring to hit her son-in-law. Savi clarifies that if it were up to her, she would use her sandals to teach him a lesson because of his deceitful ways. Surekha is about to retaliate against Savi but Ishaan stops her, suggesting they hear Savi out first.

Surekha is taken aback and questions Ishaan, wondering if he would go against his family for this girl. Savi defends her actions to Samrudh, firmly stating that she would have apologized if she was in the wrong. However, she stands by her belief that Samrudh is deceitful, immoral, and a liar. The revelation that Savi was supposed to marry Samrudh stuns everyone. Asmita seeks clarification from Savi while Samrudh explains that although he was engaged to Savi, it was she who had betrayed him for her lover. He further reveals that Savi’s grandmother pleaded with them to marry her and assures everyone of Savi’s integrity.

Harini recounts the events to everyone, explaining that Savi agreed only for her Dadi’s sake. She expresses gratitude that they discovered the truth in time and Savi fled. Durva orders Savi and Harini to leave and informs Ishaan that Savi has ruined her day. However, Ishaan urges Durva and the others to not dismiss Savi’s claims and instead investigate them. He questions why they kept Savi’s incident a secret, and why she goes by Latkar instead of Patil. Samrudh clarifies that their family has two surnames and only owns a house. As Savi pleads for them to believe her, Ishaan suggests to Nishikant that they should give her a chance to prove her allegations.

Savi reminds Isha that they are aware of everything and will reveal the truth. However, Isha is sleeping and cannot hear the silent phone. Ishaan requests Mandar for 10 minutes to give Savi a chance to prove her words. If she fails, he will apologize and offer Durva’s hand in marriage to Samrudh. Meanwhile, one of the guests brings up Bhosale’s negligence in not properly vetting the family before agreeing to the proposal. Surekha defends her family and questions why Ishaan would believe Savi instead of them. Despite this, Savi attempts to call Isha once again, but her phone continues to ring without any answer.


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