Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update Fire twist

Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update Fire twist

Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update Fire twist. Jassi’s bodyguards stop him and explain how Rajvansh became a hero by organizing such a successful event. After hearing this, Jassi decides to sabotage the event. He tells his bodyguards to cut off Raavan’s legs so that when it catches fire, it will fall to the ground, setting the entire event ablaze. Rajvansh informs the organizers of his need to leave, to which they kindly urge him to stay and witness the Ram Leela and Raavan Dahan. Meanwhile, a knife-throwing performer catches Rajvansh’s eye as he watches with awe as the performer throws a knife while blindfolded.

As the child makes their way towards the target, Purvi jumps in to save them just in time. Rajvansh is impressed by Purvi’s bravery and decides to stay and witness the Raavan Dahan ceremony. Jassi instructs his bodyguards to leave some of Raavan’s legs so that they will fall at the appropriate moment. The audience continues to watch the Ramayan drama unfold. Jassi intervenes and tells his bodyguards to stop cutting Raavan’s legs, stating that it is sufficient for their plan. He assures them that they will make their entrance during the chaos. Rajvansh is asked by the organizers to wait as Raavan Dahan will take place shortly.


He agrees and while they wait, the main organizer receives a call from the hired actor who informs them that he is unable to make it due to traffic. In light of this, the organizer kindly requests Rajvansh to take on the role of Raavan Ka Dahan. Without hesitation, Rajvansh agrees to do so. The Pandit announces that Rajvansh will perform the Raavan Ka Dahan. Taking up the bow, he pulls back the arrow and lights it before aiming at Raavan and releasing the arrow. As a result, Raavan catches fire. The organizer expresses gratitude towards Rajvansh for his help while the Raavan puppet falls to the ground.

Jassi, witnessing this, proclaims it’s time to be a hero. In response to the fire, everyone starts running away. Prachi calls out for Purvi while Krishna believes he saw Prachi amidst all the chaos. Khushi notices Purvi and rushes to assist her. Meanwhile, Rajvansh’s security escorts him away from danger. Down on the ground, Krishna witnesses fireworks lighting up the sky. Prachi’s family struggles to escape from the fire while Ashutosh wonders how it spreads so quickly. The Pandit suggests that an evil spirit may be responsible for this unprecedented incident. Jayveer arrives at the scene shortly after.

Ashutosh rushes to rescue his scooty from the flames. Riya informs Purvi of Ashutosh’s action. In turn, Purvi heads towards the children in need. Riya prompts Rajvansh to also assist and mentions that Purvi has already gone to help the kids. Curious, Rajvansh asks if Riya has a Jeep as well. She clarifies that she arrived on foot. To which, Rajvansh remarks that she is only putting herself in harm’s way instead of truly saving the children.


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