Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update Preeta regains memory

Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update Preeta regains memory

Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update Preeta regains memory. During the chaos, Preeta witnesses the goons attempting to capture everyone and tricking Shekhar into fleeing once more. Suddenly, Shekhar brandishes a gun at Shaurya, causing Preeta to react quickly by using her strength to push away one of the assailants and disarm him. The Luthras are elated to see Preeta arrive on the scene, while Shaurya appears taken aback. As another scuffle breaks out, with people fighting against the goons’ attempts to gain control, Shaurya finds himself surrounded by three attackers and is getting pummeled. Meanwhile, one of the goons fires a shot into the air in a menacing manner to intimidate others.

Amid this chaos, Shekhar again aims his gun at Shaurya as he berates him for his audacity. However, Preeta notices and confronts Shekhar, warning him to steer clear of Shaurya or face severe consequences. Ignoring her threat, Shekhar ridicules her for challenging him despite being physically weaker than him. Preeta’s anger flares as the goon approaches Shaurya. Grabbing a metal candle stand from the nearby temple, she swiftly strikes the goon and sends him crashing to the ground. Determined to defend herself and her companion, Preeta unleashes her fury upon the goon while reminding him that he is facing a powerful woman. Later, she guides Shaurya to a room for first aid and advises him to rest while she attends to other matters.


But Shaurya insists on her staying by his side and even makes her swear upon him. As time passes without Shaurya’s return, Preeta grows anxious and decides to venture down the hall. To her dismay, Rakhi is pleading with the goon not to take her ring, which was given to her by her daughter-in-law. This sight triggers painful memories for Preeta, leading her to hurl a potted plant at the goon while fiercely protecting Rakhi and calling her as Maa. Is Preeta’s memory fully restored or is this just an unsettling occurrence? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update Preeta regains memory:

Preeta warns Shekhar to keep his hands off Shaurya. He defiantly declares that he will attack Shaurya while she watches. This infuriates Preeta, who retaliates by attacking Shekhar herself. As they fight, Kareena and Dadi watch with amusement. In a fit of anger, Preeta threatens to break Shekhar’s legs. Suddenly, Shaurya intervenes and rescues Preeta from the situation. Meanwhile, the goons capture Rishabh, Mahesh, and others. Kritika inquires if Rishabh has been caught as well. Rishabh, on the other hand, asks her if she is safe. Mahesh points out that they were caught because of Rishabh’s actions, but then adds that he helped the others escape using marbles. One of the goons then threatens Rishabh, but Mahesh steps in and warns him not to speak to Rishabh like that because he is his father and only he can scold his son.

Shaurya brings Preeta to a room where she notices his leg injury. She proceeds to bandage it for him, and he becomes emotional upon seeing his mother. Assuring her that he is now fine, she offers him a painkiller. Suddenly, they hear footsteps approaching and she reminds Shaurya to rest due to his injury. However, he insists on leaving to protect his loved ones from the goons. Before leaving, he instructs her not to open the door for anyone else and heads out.

Meanwhile, Kareena wonders about Dadi and Preeta’s whereabouts while Shanaya suggests fighting the goons instead of hiding from them. Shaurya considers Palki’s reaction if she were present and decides to search for Kareena. As the goons begin fighting among themselves, Rishabh and Rajveer exchange signals while the Luthra men use this opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, Kritika gets caught by one of the goons. As Karan prepares to fend off the approaching goons with a vase, he notices the lack of backup. Soon, Shaurya arrives, followed by the Luthra men and Kareena urging them to flee.

Palki spots the intruders while Kritika catches sight of her. Without wasting any time, Palki decides to call for help from the police. However, before she can do so, one of the goons grabs hold of her as Kareena urges everyone to take a stand instead of hiding in fear. She suggests using smoke and available homely weapons/kitchen utensils and spices from the kitchen to defend themselves against intruders. With determination, they make their way to the kitchen.

The goon shoves Palki and Kritika reprimands him. Palki reminds the goons to work hard for their earnings, while Kritika issues a threat. The two women are then locked in separate rooms by the goons. Mistaking Dadi for one of the goons, Mahesh tries to attack her. However, Dadi scolds him, pointing out that his wealth has put them in this situation. As the goon ties up Palki and leaves, she manages to free herself and flee. Running into Shaurya, he catches her before she falls. She remembers his previous refusal to save her and he stares at her intensely.


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