Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Update Natasha’s decision

Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Update Natasha's decision

Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Update Natasha’s decision. Natasha is taken aback as she spots Isha entering Pandya Nivaas. She questions her motives and decides to follow her inside. Natasha bravely confronts Isha, accusing her of kidnapping a child from their household and taking refuge in their home. Unsure of how Natasha arrived there, Isha pushes her away and attempts to flee. In a fit of rage, Isha throws furniture in front of Natasha to impede her pursuit. Meanwhile, Hetal mentions the absence of Natasha at the shopping center.

Concerned about her irresponsible behavior, Pranali suggests that she may have gone to Suman’s house and will likely return by evening. Dhawal ponders the potential complications Natasha may bring this time. He attempts to reach her, but she is unresponsive. Amba reassures him that Natasha is familiar with the area and will make it home safely. However, Natasha unexpectedly interferes with Isha by pushing a vegetable cart in her path, causing Isha to cry for assistance as the cart continues moving. Meanwhile, the vegetable vendor confronts Natasha and threatens to involve law enforcement.


Dhawal notices the fallen cart and contemplates lending a hand, unaware that Isha is also behind it. While hiding in a sack, Isha avoids being spotted by Dhawal. Once he leaves, she encounters Natasha. Inquisitive, Natasha questions Isha about her ties with Makwanas and the kidnapping of Golu. Suddenly, a vegetable vendor interrupts and threatens to call the police on Natasha for stealing his cart. Trying to protect her sister-in-law, Isha warns Natasha of potential consequences. However, before anything can happen, Natasha playfully flees with Isha in tow. Later on, Dhawal tells Amba that Isha should be home.

Natasha confronts Isha as Dolly asks Amresh about her identity. To which he responds that she was their sister but their relationship has come to an end. Ahead in the show, Natasha will return and overhear Dhawal suggesting they search for Isha and bring her back. Amresh, in a fit of anger, will declare that she will never return. Natasha will turn to Hetal and propose that they could potentially bring an end to Isha’s exile if they so desire, expressing her desire to have Isha back home with them.

Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Update Natasha’s decision:

Natasha inquires from Isha about the abduction of Golu, but Isha redirects her to ask Dhawal for more information. She explains that her decision to pursue her dreams resulted in her family cutting ties with her, despite being loved by her brother in the past. Natasha then asks why Isha hasn’t reached out to her brothers in the past three years. In response, Isha reveals that she sacrificed having a relationship with her family due to the Makhwana family’s strict rule against women following their passions.

At the same time, Amrish shares with Dolly the details of his previous relationship with Isha and the reason for their breakup. However, Dhawal disagrees with Amrish’s actions and stands up for Isha, scolding Amrish for not accepting her. He believes that Isha must be going through a difficult time, which is why she returned after three years, and he cannot turn his back on her. Despite Dhawal’s defense, Amrish insists on not constantly defending Isha.

According to Dhawal, his elder sister made sacrifices for her passion and is not an outsider, which is supported by Amba. Isha asks Natasha not to reveal her identity to Makwanas, questioning why she kidnapped Golu. Isha explains that she was feeling jealous because no one tried to find her in the past three years and they were terrified when their son was taken. Chiku arrives and Isha lies about a thief in their house before leaving with Natasha. However, upon reaching home, Natasha witnesses Dhawal and Amrish arguing about Isha. Amrish notices her and retreats to his room before everyone disperses. In the meantime, Natasha voices her belief that the situation isn’t so serious that an apology cannot be given to Isha, comparing it to Shweta’s incident.

Natasha walks into her bedroom to find Dhawal in tears. She offers him a napkin, suggesting they have dinner together. However, Dhawal declines, wanting some time alone. Natasha then attempts to lift his spirits, but Dhawal insists on having his space. It is then that Natasha explains the significance of Diwali to him. Meanwhile, Isha makes a run for it from the Pandya household, but Natasha reminds Dhawal of his love for his sister. This triggers memories in Dhawal of the days when he would play with and tease his younger sibling. In another part of the house, Chiku notices Isha tampering with a window and questions her about her actions. As Natasha goes around each room, she realizes that everyone is feeling down because their daughter is not with them during this festive season.


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