Barsatein 17th November 2023 Written Update Aradhna’s truth out

Barsatein 17th November 2023 Written Update Aradhna's truth out

Barsatein 17th November 2023 Written Update Aradhna’s truth out. Aradhana inquires about Reyansh’s presence at Khanna House, and he reveals that he is there for her. Viren overhears this, becoming infuriated as he turns to Aradhana and begins questioning her. He wants to know why she did not inform them of Reyansh’s feelings for her instead of Kimaya. Despite Aradhana’s tears, she remains unable to tell the truth, while Reyansh speaks up on her behalf. He explains that Aradhana came to Dehradun in search of the truth and ended up getting caught in their family drama.

Reyansh then brings attention to how Aradhana sacrificed everything, including their relationship, for the mother who had abandoned her at birth. He then turns to Viren and asks if he wants to know who Aradhana’s mother is. Although Aradhana begs him not to reveal it, Reyansh goes ahead and announces that Malini Khanna/Mimmi Sehgal is her birth mother. Viren is shocked by this news, and Malini attempts to talk to him while he remains speechless. In the meantime, Aradhana takes Reyansh out of the house. Aradhana is taken aback when Reyansh reveals the truth to Viren. With a determined look in his eyes, he reassures her that he will not allow her to hide behind any falsehood and promises to always support her.


Aradhana leaves in tears, heading back to Delhi where she is warmly welcomed by Bhakti. She informs Aradhana that she is now safely back with her parents who will ensure that Reyansh never causes any trouble again. However, their conversation is interrupted by the sound of wedding drums outside. Harsh and Aradhana step out to see what the commotion is about and are handed a wedding invitation bearing both their names. Harsh is shocked while Aradhana walks towards Reyansh, questioning his intentions. He pleads with her to let go of her anger and agree to marry him because there is no one else for her as long as he’s alive. Will Aradhana find a way to get rid of Reyansh? Or will he manage to persuade her to accept him back into her life? Keep reading for a full written update on Barsatein 17th November 2023.

Barsatein 17th November 2023 Written Update Aradhna’s truth out:

Reyansh claims he came for Aradhna, prompting Viren to angrily shut down their act. He accuses them both of being responsible for Kimaya’s death and presses Aradhna about not informing him of Reyansh’s true feelings for Kimaya. Amid his insults and accusations, Reyansh reveals the truth about Aradhna and Malini to a surprised Viren. Despite Aradhna’s attempt to shock him, Viren is shocked by what he learns, while a frightened Malini looks on. Reyansh explains that Aradhna sacrificed her love for her mother, but Malini refuses to admit the truth. He then taunts Malini and encourages her to come clean with Viren. Demanding answers from Malini, she finally admits that Aradhna is her daughter, causing Viren to be both shocked and angry as he storms off inside. Aradhna apologizes to Malini for past events and shares that she plans to return to Delhi. Harsh also forgives her and is willing to accept her once more.

However, despite Malini’s pleas for her not to leave, Aradhna stands firm in her decision and encourages her mother to take care of herself. Reyansh and Aradhna are in a heated discussion as she blames him for her hardships. In response, Reyansh explains that it is only because of Aradhna’s love that he feels compelled to act in this way. Despite Aradhna claiming that her love for him has died and cutting ties with him, Reyansh remains firm in his decision to stay by her side. As Aradhna storms off, Kriti heads to the police station to bail out Jai but discovers that Aradhna has already done so, greatly upsetting Kriti.

Later on, Kriti questions Jai’s inexplicable obsession with Aradhna. Jai responds with a hurtful remark about Kimaya’s death and informs Kriti that Aradhna will be returning to Delhi soon, eliminating any opportunity for Kriti to seek revenge. Feeling vengeful towards Aradhna, Kriti makes a phone call for assistance. After Aradhna departs for Delhi, Reyansh observes her departure and takes action. Memories of the Khanna family flood Aradhna’s mind, causing her to become emotional. Eventually, she returns to the home of her adoptive parents in Delhi.

Their reunion is filled with emotion as Harsh and Aradhna reconcile their relationship. Bhakti and Jakruti also join them. Surprisingly, Aradhna’s room has remained unchanged since she left – a joyous sight for her. She becomes curious when she hears drumbeats and emerges from her room to investigate whose wedding is taking place. She also asks about Bhakti’s whereabouts but receives no answer. Unable to figure it out, Harsh decides to go out and purchase Aradhna’s favorite food.

Simultaneously, Reyansh distributes sweets and wedding invitations throughout the neighborhood. When Pooja visits Aradhna, she mentions Reyansh. Bhakti vows to prevent Aradhna from being influenced by Reyansh. Harsh is taken aback upon seeing the wedding card of Reyansh and Aradhna. He returns home and shares it with Bhakti, who then involves others in questioning Aradhna. Standing up for her, Bhakti takes a stand against the idea of Aradhna marrying Reyansh, labeling him as a toxic person. In response, Aradhna decides to put an end to Reyansh’s erratic behavior and confronts him directly. Defending his actions, Reyansh is met with utter dislike from Aradhna.


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