Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming Vikrant’s meander to end

Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming Vikrant's meander to end

Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming Vikrant’s meander to end. Madhuri accompanies Puru. Kirti accidentally drops her nail polish, which fills her with a sense of foreboding. She quickly reaches out to Vikrant, who advises her to take a deep breath and not let herself get overwhelmed. As their wedding day approaches, Kirti’s anxiety increases, but Vikrant reassures her of her importance in his life. Kirti promises to never leave Vikrant’s side, even for a day. They both can hardly believe that their marriage is finally happening. Before parting ways, they exchange I love you and Vikrant asks Kirti to step outside so he can admire her once more. Kirti stuns everyone with her beautiful makeup.

Amid her enchanting presence, Vikrant is left speechless. The whole group is delighted, and Madhuri even recites a poem in their honor. Next, they are asked to exchange rings as the final step to complete their marriage. They all make their way to the temple. While the other family members enter the temple to pray, Vikrant realizes his phone is missing after mere seconds. In his search for it, he senses an eerie presence. Suddenly, Dev appears and shocks Vikrant by attacking him with a revolver. Kirti initially can’t find her earrings, but eventually thanks the almighty when she finally does retrieve them.


Suddenly, a gunshot startles her. She assumes it’s just firecrackers at first, but then sees Vikrant attacking Dev with his gun. However, Vikrant’s shots miss and Dev is unscathed. Despite this, Dev continues to accuse Vikrant of being behind the murders of several people. The two engage in a physical fight with Vikrant gaining the upper hand and beating Dev until he regains consciousness. Under pressure, Vikrant admits to being the actual murderer. As he continues to harm Dev, he boasts that the whole Panchghati community will soon learn about his true nature. In his rage, Vikrant kills Dev and becomes exhausted from the altercation.


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