Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir Purvi connect

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir Purvi connect

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir Purvi connect. Ashutosh receives a call from Prachi, who inquires about Purvi’s whereabouts. He responds that she is not with him, despite being asked to stay. Prachi questions why Ashutosh wasn’t keeping an eye on Purvi and makes a remark. Mistaking a woman for Purvi from behind, Ashutosh exclaims that he has found her. Prachi urges him to bring Purvi home quickly and ends the call. Shortly after, Ashutosh’s mother gives him a call. He shares with her how Prachi scolded him for something. In response, his mother decides to teach Prachi a lesson. Meanwhile, Rajvansh attempts to save some children in danger. Riya asks Yug to join forces with Rajvansh in rescuing the kids.

Rajvansh also calls upon his cousin for help and Yug agrees to assist them both. Riya spots Purvi and approaches her, while Rajvansh takes the children and departs. Purvi reprimands Riya for following her, then joins her in a hug. Ashutosh’s mother inquires about Purvi’s whereabouts to Prachi, who then asks Ashutosh. Reminding Prachi that she should know where Purvi is, not her son, Ashutosh’s mother adds that Purvi tells Krishna that she doesn’t need medicine. Refusing to accept no for an answer, Krishna insists on taking care of Purvi like a father figure and applies the medicine himself. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2023.


Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir Purvi connect:

Rajvansh and Purvi get caught in the rain. Riya remarks that Rajvansh has been Purvi’s life savior. He then departs from the scene. Upon returning, Purvi and Riya notice several injured individuals and Purvi quickly decides to assist them. She tends to those affected by the fire and instructs the ambulance driver to hurry. Rajvansh observes Purvi boarding the ambulance and she expresses her gratitude towards him before he leaves in his car. Meanwhile, Yug asks Rajvansh what they should do next, but he remains quiet. Yug then wonders if Rajvansh is preoccupied with thoughts of a girl, to which Rajvansh replies by telling him to be quiet.

In agreement, Yug assumes that Rajvansh has some sort of connection with Purvi, hence his current state of contemplation about her. Khushi informs Vishaka of her impending departure. Prachi kindly offers sweets to Khushi before asking her to take them. Khushi remarks that Prachi always has something to offer. She bids goodbye and exits the premises. Ashutosh’s mother and Ashutosh arrive at Prachi’s home, inquiring about Purvi’s whereabouts. Prachi turns to Ashutosh for an answer.

However, Ashutosh’s mother clarifies that she is only interested in knowing her daughter’s whereabouts, not her son’s. Meanwhile, Purvi witnesses an accident involving the ambulance meant to transport a patient to the hospital. In a rush, she tries to seek help from passing vehicles but to no avail. Desperate, she flags down Krishna’s car, who sees her and recalls his former connection with Prachi.

Upon seeing patients in need, Purvi requests Krishna’s assistance. He exits the vehicle and Purvi doubts his willingness to help, commenting on it. Realizing Purvi’s resistance, he proceeds to assist the patients directly by bringing them into his car. Observing this, Purvi realizes her misinterpretation of Krishna. Meanwhile, Divya approaches Prachi and inquires about her thoughts. Prachi denies having any concerns, prompting Divya to question why Veena is upset with Purvi. Prachi assumes there may be a misunderstanding between them.

Concerned for the injured patients, Purvi calls for a doctor and explains the situation. As Krishna discovers that Purvi has no personal connection to the patients, yet still aids them, he offers ointment for her burns as a sign of gratitude. Despite her refusal, Krishna urges Purvi to allow him to apply it as a fatherly figure would do for his daughter. As Krishna tends to Purvi, he ponders on Prachi’s reaction. She reminds him of Prachi.

Ashutosh’s mother interrogates Prachi and expresses her disappointment with their actions. Vishaka questions why she is upset. Ashutosh’s mother voices her grievances about Purvi leaving him at the fire and Prachi scolding him. She remarks on Prachi’s behavior. Vishaka asks Prachi if she scolded Ashutosh. To clarify, Prachi explains that she was concerned for Purvi’s safety. She mentions how Ashutosh promised to care for both Purvi and Riya. Turning to Ashutosh, Prachi urges him to explain the situation clearly.


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