Keh Doon Tumhein 19th November 2023 Update Sarkar’s Finale

Keh Doon Tumhein 19th November 2023 Update Sarkar's Finale

Keh Doon Tumhein 19th November 2023 Update Sarkar’s Finale. Kirti heads to Vikrant’s room, just as he finishes killing Dev. Without exposing himself, Vikrant quickly changes his outfit and appears in front of Kirti. He instructs her to wait in the car while he cleans the blood off his hands. As Kirti approaches the vehicle, Vikrant locks himself in the bathroom. After some time, Kirti notices a trace of blood on Vikrant’s hand and returns to knock on the bathroom door. He tells her to wait outside as he finishes his business. While waiting, Kirti catches sight of some blood drops and discovers Dev’s lifeless body.

The gruesome sight leaves her stunned and trembling with fear. She tries to conceal the fact that she saw the body in Vikrant’s home but he realizes it anyway. Upon seeing Kirti approach Dev’s body, Vikrant notices an earring belonging to her and puts together what has happened. Upon seeing Kirti’s somber expression, Vikrant alters his story. He claims that he acted in self-defense when he killed Dev. According to Vikrant, Dev had broken into his home to take his life, and in the heat of the moment, Vikrant was forced to take drastic measures. Kirti is disturbed by the lack of remorse on Vikrant’s face, leading her to become more suspicious of him.


She suggests calling the police to handle the situation, but as soon as she mentions them, Vikrant’s anger boils over and he slaps her. This confirms Kirti’s suspicions that Dev was right about Vikrant all along, and she tries to escape. However, she is unable to flee as Vikrant grabs onto her leg. At this moment, Vikrant’s malicious side takes over and compels him to eliminate Kirti.

Completely taken aback, Kirti is at a loss for what to do and begins trembling with fear. She attempts to flee from the room, but before she can leave, Vikrant locks her in. It dawns on her that Vikrant suffers from a psychiatric disorder and has multiple personalities. His erratic behavior only intensifies Kirti’s fear. Desperate to save herself, she pushes Vikrant away with all her might as he grips her neck once again. Kirti holds the gun against Vikrant, while he starts remarking on his consistent weakness and asserting her ability to handle him. He then grabs her. Kirti shoots Vikrant to protect her life. Keep reading for a full written update on Keh Doon Tumhein 19th November 2023.

Keh Doon Tumhein 19th November 2023 Update Sarkar’s Finale:

Vikrant pleads with Kirti to open the door. Despite his declaration of love and promise of a painless death, she refuses. In frustration, he resorts to kicking down the door and forcibly entering the room. As he is in pursuit of her, he expresses his regret at ever meeting her and vows to end her life. However, she manages to strike him and escape. Undeterred, Vikrant continues calling out for her while reflecting on his actions and speculating that perhaps his own conscience is urging him towards something. Meanwhile, Kirti hides under the couch as he searches for her armed with a gun from the drawer.

He catches her and retorts, asking how long they will continue living this way and accepting their fate. Suddenly, Vikrant regains control over himself and urges Kirti not to get hurt as he loves her deeply. With regret, he tells her that their journey together ends here and she should leave before things take a wrong turn. Tearfully, Kirti questions if this is really Vikrant speaking. He responds by apologizing again and instructs her to leave as he might not be able to hold back much longer.

Mockingly, his evil side comments on their love story and predicts that she cannot escape from him because Vikrant truly loves her more than anyone else since his mother’s passing. He weakens at the thought of seeing his mother’s reflection in Kirti but prevents himself from giving in any further. Determined, he declares that it’s time for him to take charge and end their love story as well as return to his old ways. Vikrant interrupts, apologizing for causing Kirti pain and urging her to leave. Kirti tearfully questions why he never told her about his illness, as she would have helped him get better with her love.

He confesses that he was afraid, having found love for the first time and not wanting to lose it. Although he tried to tell her the truth and leave their dangerous life behind. He pleads for her to leave and start a new life. She tearfully admits to having the same dream of a happy family with Vikrant. Overcome with emotion, Vikrant picks up his gun and acknowledges that their story is indeed heart-wrenching. Kirti prays for strength to fight against the devil residing in Vikrant and takes the gun from him. He warns her.

Vikrant struggles with his overpowering conscience, admitting to his weakness both in the past and present. He grabs her by the neck, causing her to shoot him in defense. She drops the gun in shock. With a smirk on his face, he thanks her for freeing him before collapsing down. As she cradles him in her arms, she apologizes and tears fall from her eyes. Vikrant reassures her that she has done nothing wrong, as she only ended the evil within him. Despite her protests to call for help, he insists on letting go as his mother has come to take him away. She pleads for him not to leave.

He speaks to Kirti, expressing that he cherishes their moments together and all the beautiful memories from their lives. She reassures him that nothing will harm him. He then reveals the truth, how his father never loved him and sent him away to a hostel because of his poor academic performance. He had no friends except for Rohit, who eventually left him. Their hostel warden was cruel and Rohit couldn’t handle the torture, which ultimately led to his demise. He admits that he killed the warden and it all started from that day. She realizes the childhood pain he went through and weeps. Vikrant confesses that a voice inside him told him to eliminate any girls who tried to control him.

But when Kirti came into his life and he witnessed her love for Puru, it reminded him of his past and he longed for change. He wanted to grow old with her as a better version of himself- as Vikrant. A very beautiful confession moment is seen. Kirti breaks down emotionally. As tears stream down her face, she assures him that nothing will harm him. Vikrant echoes Malhar’s words, leaving her in disbelief. She exclaims that she has never heard those words from Malhar before. He reassures her by confessing his love for her and admits that dying in her embrace would be a blessing.

Realizing the truth, she exclaims that he must be Malhar and expresses her admiration for him as his fan. His true identity is now known, she wonders if her feelings for him have changed or if she hates him now. Embracing him tightly, she declares that she still loves him and begs him not to give up. She moves closer to call out his name, but sadly he passes away in her arms. With memories flooding back, she desperately cries out to bring him back. Clinging onto his lifeless body, she whispers how much he means to her and pleads for him not to leave.


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