1 Hilarious track in Pandya Store Natasha brings Isha home

1 Hilarious track in Pandya Store Natasha brings Isha home

1 Hilarious track in Pandya Store Natasha brings Isha home. Natasha surprises Suman at Diwali and Suman’s face lights up with joy. She asks why Natasha decided to join them instead of celebrating at her own house. Natasha explains that she wanted to spend the holiday with Pandya, prompting Suman to mention their plans of giving Diwali Shagun to the Makhwana family. Natasha playfully teases Suman about not being allowed to visit Pandya’s house after marriage, but Suman assures her that it’s not true. The two share a warm hug and invite their sons to join in, making Isha emotional as she watches from the side. Natasha also extends her Diwali wishes to Isha by calling her “Didi,” which makes Chiku feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Dolly reminds Hetal and Pranali to get ready on time for their secret plan and quickly leave while Amba catches a glimpse of them sneaking out. She questions them about their destination, causing Hetal to tremble nervously in front of her. Amba approaches them, and Pranali quickly fabricates a story about going to the parlor for makeup. Dolly wants to make some special reels with them, so they are rushing off to get ready. Amba questions why they’ve never gotten so dolled up before Diwali, but Pranali cuts her off, claiming they’re running late. Meanwhile, Suman instructs the kids to decorate the Pandya store with Diyas.


As Dolly, Pranali, and Hetal arrive at the store disguised according to Natasha’s plan, Natasha becomes anxious upon seeing that her brothers are still there. She fears that if Dolly and her gang carry out the plan now, it will fail miserably and expose their secret. In an attempt to prevent this from happening, Natasha reprimands Shesh and Mittu loudly in front of Hetal so she can overhear that the boys are still around and they shouldn’t come at that moment. She also scolds Chiku for not properly cleaning the store. Natasha intervenes and brings both Suman and Isha inside to help pack gifts.

As this is happening, Hetal and her group enter and Natasha instructs them to execute their plan. In the meantime, Dhawal sends a text urging Natasha to return home immediately. She then calls him and puts on a fake act, pleading for him to come save her. Meanwhile, actual robbers break into the Makhwana residence, but Amrish and other men from the family confront them and demand that they leave. Hetal locks Suman in a room to prevent any disruption while Isha whispers that if Natasha contacts Amrish or Dhawal, it could cause problems for her. Amba and Chabeli attempt to conceal the jewelry so that the thieves cannot steal it, but the robbers threaten the Makhwana sons with knives to gain access. Natasha brings Isha home, much to Amrish and Amba’s surprise.


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