GHKKPM 19th November 2023 Written Update Revenge track

GHKKPM 19th November 2023 Written Update Revenge track

GHKKPM 19th November 2023 Written Update Revenge track. Ishaan and Anvi enter Durva’s room, urging her to wake up. Durva looks at them with a disapproving expression as Ishaan presents a stack of unhealthy snacks and Anvi suggests watching a TV show. Ishaan insists on having a party, irritating Durva who tells them to stop their theatrics. She reiterates that she is not okay after the recent events and how they all treated Sam, especially Ishaan who assaulted him and sent him to jail. Ishaan defends himself by saying that she should be grateful for being saved from Samrudh, who he claims is part of a criminal family that Savi exposed just in time.

Durva’s annoyance increases upon hearing Savi’s name and she accuses Savi of manipulating them because Sam is not a bad person, having spent so much time with him. After being kicked out by Durva, Ishaan sympathizes with her situation, having gone through something similar himself when Reeva left him. He explains to Anvi that sometimes we mistake infatuation for love and while he is now able to move on from Reeva, she still lingers in his subconscious, reminding him of his lingering feelings for her. Anvi pulls Ishaan out of his thoughts and reminds him of how Savi’s quick thinking saved Durva and their family.


Ishaan acknowledges Savi’s determination to stand up for what is right, even when there is nothing to be gained from it. As Savi gazes at her parents’ photo, she reminisces about how Ishaan was the only person who had complete faith in her without any hesitation. After realizing that there is no one in the house, Surekha becomes confused and calls out for her family members. They eventually gather in the living room to announce that they will never trust her decision-making again. This leaves Surekha shocked as everyone blames her. Suddenly, Isha enters the house and takes Savi’s side, causing even more surprise for Surekha.

Isha reveals that she has chosen Savi as Ishaan’s life partner and plans to seek revenge on those who insulted her years ago. In anger, Surekha tells Isha to leave the house but Isha grabs her arm and forcibly removes her from the premises. However, this turns out to be just a nightmare and Surekha quickly leaves to refill her water bottle. Surekha notices Durva in tears on the balcony and ponders over her words, as Durva accuses Savi of destroying her life and vows to make Savi’s college experience a nightmare. Upon learning about Durva’s conflicts with Savi and Isha, Surekha assures her full backing. Sam and his father are assaulted by the police, prompting Sam to seek retribution against Savi by making her life a living hell.


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