Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s family

Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir's family

Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s family. Prachi inquires to herself about the sudden presence of Ranbir in her thoughts. She reminds herself to redirect her focus on Purvi, as she is unaware of Purvi’s whereabouts. Prachi attempts to call Purvi, but her phone remains unreachable. Just then, Diya approaches Prachi and questions why she is standing alone. Prachi responds with concern for Purvi. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Purvi sits with Ranbir and sympathizes with him as he carefully applies ointment to her wound. Curious about his daughter, she asks Ranbir about her.

He reveals that neither his wife nor daughter are living with him anymore, leaving Purvi shocked. He says that he misses them a lot. He remembers Prachi and Khushi living along with him. Stroking his back gently, Purvi shows compassion towards Ranbir while he stares back, realizing the striking resemblance between her and Prachi. Purvi inquires about Ranbir’s wife and daughter but understands if he doesn’t want to discuss it. Ranbir calmly reveals he hasn’t seen them in twenty years due to differences between them. He becomes emotional as he explains this to Purvi.


Ranbir’s words bring tears to his eyes as he reveals the differences that led to his separation from his wife. Purvi quietly listens, sensing the deep sadness in his voice. Meanwhile, Bina accuses Purvi of being like Prachi – obedient and trustworthy, but she is proven wrong as Purvi leaves without informing Ashutosh after the fire. Prachi feels frustration bubbling inside her but chooses to remain silent out of respect for Bina and Ashutosh. As Ashutosh frantically searches for Purvi in their home, the question arises: will Purvi invite Ranbir over after their heart-to-heart talk? And how long can she handle dealing with Ashutosh before calling off the wedding? Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s family:

Ranbir sheds tears and sits isolated. Purvi reaches out to him. She tells him that she knows about his two reactions. She asks him if he is missing his wife and daughter. He says that she understands things well like she is a teacher. She says that she is undergoing training. She adds that she has a fatherly figure in him. She asks him to answer her. He remembers Prachi and Khushi. He admits that he misses them a lot. He says that they used to stay together 20 years ago, but they aren’t together back. Purvi expresses her grief. She asks him why they got separated. He says that they had to stay together forever, but an accident happened and it changed everything for him. He can’t forget the bitter memories. He tells her that when he misses the old memories, his heart gets wounded. He wants to fill his wounds in some way. Purvi consoles him.

He says that his blood fell over her hand. She says that she got a scratch but she will be okay. She asks his name. He doesn’t tell his real name. He says Krishna Kakkad. He asks her name. The doctor calls her urgently and she goes without telling her name. On the other hand, Prachi anxiously waits for Diya and Purvi. Manpreet asks her not to worry. Divya says that she has only one daughter and she is worried. Manpreet asks her to stay positive. Diya arrives home and finds everyone worried. Prachi sees her and calls her out. Purvi signs the forms. The nurse asks for 5000rs. Purvi asks about the bill. The nurse says that it’s a private hospital and the bill is nominal. Purvi asks her to continue the payment.

She calls up Diya. Divya hugs Diya and asks her to have water. Diya takes Purvi’s call. She complains about the family’s reactions. Prachi asks Purvi where is she. Purvi says that she is at the hospital. Prachi worries. Purvi says that she came to help some people. She asks Prachi to send her money. Prachi says that she will get the money and reach in some time. Manpreet asks the matter. Prachi rushes out. Ranbir says that he will pay the bill. Purvi asks him not to pay. She says that he has already helped her a lot. Prachi feels Ranbir is close. Rajvansh stops the car at a signal. He says that something is wrong, and Raavan can’t fall on its own. He thinks the accident was planned. Jassi follows Rajvansh’s car. He says that he will end Rajvansh’s chapter today for once and all.

Ranbir tells that he will pay the bill, because she is already doing a lot for strangers. He doesn’t like to argue. Purvi tells that they will split the bill equally. She requests him. He tells that he will pay the bill as of now and she can return him the half amount later. She promises him. He gets pleased talking to her. Prachi reaches the hospital. She gets the same feeling like Ranbir is around. Rajvansh heads to the police station. Jassi thinks Rajvansh is just packing the car and going to the mall. He wonders why did Rajvansh go to the police station. He waits outside the police station. Ranbir gives his name and address details to the nurse.

He tells Purvi that he can’t miss his important work. He blesses Purvi. Purvi asks how will she return the money. He asks her to give it later. While he moves to leave, Purvi calls him dad and connects to his heart. Ranbir smiles and turns emotionally. He misses Khushi and feels Purvi is also like Khushi. Purvi misses her dad. Rajvansh meets the inspector and tells that accidents can be planned. He has a reason to doubt the accident. He tells that the Raavan effigy got bent towards the pandal, like someone had planned it. He asks inspector to find out the culprit. Inspector doesn’t think its true.

He wants some real facts. Jassi waits for Rajvansh. Rajvansh tells that police should investigate the matter. He remembers Purvi saving the kids from the fire. He tells about Purvi. Inspector asks him not to worry. Rajvansh leaves from the police station. Inspector stops him for a talk. Jassi steps back seeing the police. Inspector spots Jassi. Jassi regrets that he can’t harm Rajvansh now. Ranbir gets his driver’s call. Prachi and Ranbir have a hit and miss. Ranbir feels her presence and looks for her.


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