Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update Shaurya’s vice


Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update Shaurya’s vice. Rajveer beats the goons. He sees Shaurya with the remote. He asks Shaurya what is he doing with the remote. Shaurya says that Rajveer loves the jacket a lot. He gives a threatening look. As seen in the last episode, the thug holds a knife to Rakhi’s throat when he spots Kavya, Palki, and Gurpreet approaching. As Rakhi cries out in pain, Shanaya observes her thoughtfully and searches for something to use as a weapon. She then jumps on the goon from behind with a plate while Palki, Kavya, and Gurpreet attack from the front. Meanwhile, Shaurya is lost in thought about the strong connection between Rajveer and Palki that he witnessed earlier while rescuing her.

In the chaos, Karan, Rishabh, Mahesh, and others fight back against the goons using kitchen utensils such as rolling pins and ladles. Preeta emerges from the room once again, looking for everyone and wondering if Kavya was able to save Rakhi. As the group battles the goons, Shaurya seethes with jealousy and glares at Rajveer. Noticing Shaurya’s intense gaze, Rajveer urges him to join in the fight instead of just watching. But Shaurya is fixated on his jacket and pulls out a remote upon seeing Rajveer with a goon. When Rajveer questions him about the remote, recalling that he had seen it before, Shaurya explains that he simply admires the jacket and wants Rajveer to enjoy it. Meanwhile, Karan chases after Shekhar and swiftly brings him down, pummeling him with a pan for taking his son’s jacket. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2023.


Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update Shaurya’s vice:

As Shanaya and Kareena face a knife-wielding goon, another tries to take Rakhi’s ring. Palki intervenes, freeing Rakhi while the others take her away. Soon after, Karan is captured by another goon who attempts to attack him, but Karan manages to overpower him. Amid this chaos, Shaurya notices Rajveer wearing a jacket and decides to use it as an opportunity to harm him. Seeing Shaurya with a remote, Rajveer questions his intentions. As Karan turns to hear Rajveer’s answer, Shaurya confesses his admiration for the jacket and suggests Rajveer enjoy it himself. Just then, Mahesh removes the jacket from the goon and discards it, causing it to explode in the air and shock everyone.

Shekhar once again brandishes the gun and orders Karan to hand over all the jewelry and cash. Rishabh, fearful, hurries to gather the valuables. As the goons scatter in a different direction, Palki is ready and throws chilli powder at them. Rishabh instructs them to tie up the goons while Karan sets off to search for Preeta. Rajveer tells Mohit and Gurpreet to locate Preeta and take her home before Karan finds her. After a while, Gurpreet visits Preeta’s room and informs her that everything is under control now and she should come with them.

In the meantime, Rakhi reprimands the goons for attempting to ruin their Diwali celebrations. Daljeet notices Palki’s injury and inquires about her condition, prompting Shanaya to explain that she sustained it while protecting Rakhi. Daljeet then suggests that instead of Palki, Shanaya should have been the one to get hurt while saving Rakhi, as it would make a better impression on the Luthra family. Wanting to impress them herself, Shanaya pretends to also be injured while rescuing Rakhi and receives admiration for her bravery. However, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the police, who inform the Luthras that they have been searching for these fugitives and take them into custody.

Later on, Shaurya offers to give Palki a ride since he is already taking Sandy home. He cleverly manages to sit next to Palki instead of Shanaya, causing Rajveer to seethe with anger at his deceitful actions. As Karan walks through the hall, he notices Kavya trying to hide her tears. He gently approaches her and reassures her that he knows she’s been crying and is there to support her. Meanwhile, Sandy watches Shaurya, Rajveer, and Shanaya with a smile, thinking about how lucky Palki is to have their attention. However, the situation takes a turn when Rajveer and Shaurya start fighting over Palki’s affections. Sandy jumps in to calm them down and Shaurya ends up stopping the car while Rajveer, Palki, and Shanaya take a leave.


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