YRKKH 19th November 2023 Written Update Armaan loves Ruhi

YRKKH 19th November 2023 Written Update Armaan loves Ruhi

YRKKH 19th November 2023 Written Update Armaan loves Ruhi. Armaan offers a silent prayer as he places the diya, hoping for Ruhi and the family’s happiness. The group celebrates by bursting crackers, and Armaan remembers that he still needs to get Ruhi’s number from Rohit’s chit. He approaches Rohit to ask for it, but Vidya interrupts and suggests they all go to the temple together. Armaan agrees and leaves, giving Rohit a chance to talk to Vidya. Dadi notices Rohit blushing and asks Vidya if he likes Ruhi, to which she nods in agreement.

Abhira organizes guests’ photos in a showcase when she sees Yuvraj’s reflection. Suddenly, he kidnaps her. Armaan visits the temple. The donation items nearly topple over, but Ruhi arrives just in time to prevent it. Together, Armaan and Ruhi present the offerings to the temple before parting ways. However, as she tries to leave, Armaan stops her. On the other side, Yuvraj pressures Abhira to pick between a ring or having him call Akshara. Frantically searching for Ruhi around the resort, Akshara receives an urgent phone call that prompts her to rush forward.


At that moment, Ruhi and Armaan realize they have been waiting for each other and embrace in a warm hug. They then tie a string together and pray for their fates to be intertwined by God. Yuvraj threatens to force Abhira into wearing a mangalsutra if she doesn’t choose a ring. At the resort, Akshara notices Abhira’s phone ringing while Yuvraj’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic. In response, Abhira confidently asks Yuvraj to go ahead and call Akshara. Vidya and Manisha present shagun to the Goenka family for Ruhi’s hand in marriage, causing Swarna to feel uneasy.

Ruhi and Armaan share a tender moment outside as they light fireworks. As they exchange loving glances, Vidya explains to the Goenkas that their mutual fondness has formed a strong bond between Ruhi and Rohit. However, Manish suggests that it is necessary to officially unite Rohit and Ruhi, emphasizing that he is unsure of what Ruhi truly desires. In the midst of all this, Swarna recalls how much Ruhi admires Armaan. Vidya then mentions that they will confirm with both Ruhi and Rohit before proceeding further. Surekha asks Vidya if she has any concerns about Ruhi’s background, but she reassures them that the Poddar family wants Ruhi for herself, not her past.

The Goenkas visibly relax upon hearing this. Vidya reiterates Ruhi’s strong devotion to her family and reassures that Ruhi will ensure the Poddars stay together, a rare occurrence in modern times of nuclear families. Swarna’s concerns escalate as Vidya mentions awaiting Ruhi’s approval. Meanwhile, Armaan and Ruhi make a vow to always love each other. In Mussoorie, Akshara confronts Jagrat over his failure to keep Yuvraj under control. In response, Jagrat declares that Abhira will become his daughter-in-law by any means necessary. His henchmen then present shagun to Akshara and Abhira, but the two refuse it and leave without a word.


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