Anupama 20th November 2023 Written Update Hasmukh Leela Shocker

Anupama 20th November 2023 Written Update Hasmukh Leela Shocker

Anupama 20th November 2023 Written Update Hasmukh Leela Shocker. Leela urges Hasmukh to wake up. Anupama becomes mortified when she can’t reach Kavya or Dimpy and Hasmukh is not answering her calls. Anu comforts Anupama, holding her tightly in a hug. Anupama then lifts Anu in her arms and reassures her that she’s not going anywhere. Romil notices the tense situation and asks if he can be of assistance. Anupama shares her fear about Hasmukh’s call with Romil, who offers to go to the Shah house with a doctor if she allows him to. Anupama’s face brightens at this offer and she thanks Romil for stepping in during this difficult time when even her children are turning away from her.

Upon arriving at the Shah house with the doctor, Romil is taken aback upon finding Leela and Hasmukh lying on the floor. With the help of the doctor, they are eventually moved to the bed and given the necessary medication. Meanwhile, Romil updates Anupama over the phone while Kavya and Dimpy return and are equally shocked. After speaking with Anuj, Anupama’s breathing returns to normal and she asks him about the situation. Anuj assures her that he has taken care of everything himself and has brought Hasmukh and Leela back to their house. Anupama is overjoyed by this news but Malti Devi’s smile quickly fades as she sees Hasmukh and Leela enter the Kapadia house. It leaves us wondering how their arrival will affect the household dynamic and what has caused Malti Devi’s sudden change in expression.


Anupama 20th November 2023 Written Update Hasmukh Leela Shocker:

Anupama runs inside the Shah house. She rushes to Hasmukh and Leela’s room, only to find them collapsed on the floor. Leela holds Hasmukh’s hands before falling beside him. Anupama is shell shocked seeing the scary sight and thinks if they both have passed away. Anu asks Anuj and Malti to call Anupama. Anuj says that Anupama has a reason to go to the Shah house. Malti says that Anu is unwell and she needs her mother. Anuj says that Leela isn’t well. Malti says that Anupama isn’t doing right with anyone. Anuj insists Anuj to have some soup. He assures them that he will call Anupama home.

Anupama freezes for a moment until Hasmukh and Leela wake up crying. Anupama sighs a relief that they are alive. She asks them what happened to them. She helps them sit properly, resting their backs. She consoles them. She says that their daughter has come. She asks them how did this happen. Leela says that Hasmukh fell because of her. She feels guilty. Hasmukh says that his leg is hurt.

Hasmukh tells that they called for help, but nobody came to help. Leela cries for her spoiled clothes. Anupama tells that she will clean everything. She pacifies a broken Leela, who feels dependent on others. She apologizes to Anupama. Hasmukh feels bad that nobody helped them, and he was helpless to call Anupama. Anupama asks them not to worry. She takes care of them as a daughter. They get emotional. She makes them laugh and finally gets a smile on her face too. Malti complains to Barkha that Anupama has no time for Anu. Pakhi defends Anupama. She reminds Malti that she left Anuj in an orphanage. She tells that Anuj and Anupama do a lot for the family. Malti asks her to handle Anu in Anupama’s absence.

Pakhi angrily rebukes them. Malti and Barkha call her misbehaving. Pakhi gives them a befitting reply. She asks Malti to stop giving parenting lectures when she had left her son. She asks both of them to shut up and mend their ways. Barkha calls her impossible. Malti tells that she will show everyone their right place and oust them from Anuj’s life. She pledges to eradicate Anupama first. Kavya and Dimple learn about the incident. They cry and apologize to Hasmukh and Leela. Anupama asks them to stop crying. She gets reminded of Anu, but Hasmukh asks her to stay back for some time. She agrees. Hasmukh thanks her. She asks him not to thank her. He tells that people are scared of old reason for this reason.

He gets emotional and expresses his fears. Anupama tells that he shouldn’t think of anything else. Leela knows that Anupama has her own responsibilities. She regrets her unfortunate fate. She doesn’t want to become a burden on Anupama. Anupama tells that oldies aren’t a burden but a blessing in disguise. She values them as the roots of the family. She encourages them to live well and happy. They ask her to go home and attend Anu. Anupama asks them to take care. Kavya and Dimple don’t leave the elders alone. Dimple tells that she won’t leave Leela alone. She asks Leela to taunt her but stay happy. She makes Leela smile. On the other hand, Anupama reaches home and goes to cheer up Anu. She apologizes to her.

She tells that she will take Anu everywhere she goes, if she gets well soon. She asks Anu not to get angry. Anu agrees. Anupama and Anu spend some good moments together and have fun. Anupama isn’t able to forget the horrible sight of Hasmukh and Leela. She hugs Anu and tries to stay calm. Hasmukh and Leela tell Kavya and Dimple that they can’t say when life changes upside down. Kavya regrets Vanraj’s leaving. Dimple regrets Samar’s death. They get emotional. They play a game of Ludo to keep their minds engaged. Anupama tells Romil that Anu’s medical reports are normal.

Romil tells that he used to get irritated by kids before, but since Anu tied Rakhi to him, everything got changed. He gets emotional thinking of his childhood spent without his parents. He calls Anu lucky to have her family. Anupama tells him that she is with him and will always be. He hugs her with gratitude. She wipes his tears. He praises her for being the most mother. She blesses him to become successful. He tells that he will miss her a lot when he goes to US. He asks her not to keep Malti home. He tells that Malti will separate Anuj and Anupama. He asks Anupama to be alert. Anupama gets worried. She tells that she is confident, nobody can separate Anuj and her.


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